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In Nevada, there are many behaviors that are considered to be criminal. Title 15 of Nevada’s code defines the different types of criminal behavior within the state. There are various chapters in Title 15 which make different kinds of behavior unlawful, including crimes against the state, crimes against people, and crimes against property.

In each chapter, there are many statutes that contain language or terms with specific legal meanings. You cannot just assume the commonly used definition is the right one, and can’t assume you know the meaning of a word because it’s a word you have heard before. You need to know how Nevada law defines the word. The definitions of the words used in Title 15 are found in the first chapter of Title 15, Chapter 193: General Provisions. Among the words defined within this chapter is the word jurors.

Jurors Defined in Nevada Law

The word jurors is defined in N.R.S. 193.0165. According to N.R.S. 193.0165, the word jurors means a juror of all courts. The word includes a tales-juror, and it extends to include all jurors even those who are not jurors in a court of record.

This definition, found within N.R.S. 193.0165, is the definition or jurors that matters for every single use of the word jurors throughout Title 15. This essentially means that for every crime in Nevada which relates to a juror, the definition in N.R.S. 193.0165 is the statute that determines who constitutes a juror.

For example, N.R.S. 199.030 is found within Chapter 199 of Title 15. N.R.S. 193.030 makes it a crime for a juror to ask for or to receive a bribe. The definition of juror that applies in this offense is the one found in N.R.S. 193.0165. This means that the crime of being bribed under N.R.S. 193.030 could be committed by any juror, including by a tales-juror and including by a juror of any court including a court that is not a court of record.

The term juror is found in numerous other statutes, including N.R.S. 199.050, which prohibits jurors promising verdicts, and N.R.S. 199.040, which makes it a crime to influence jurors. It is important to know who constitutes a juror and when you are considered to be a juror so you can know what Nevada prohibits when it comes to behavior involving jurors. If you have been accused of an offense that hinges upon whether you or another person is considered to be a juror, understanding the definition in N.R.S. 193.0165 is also important.

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If you have been accused of any criminal offense in the state of Nevada, you should speak with an experienced attorney who can help you to determine what the specific elements of the offense are.

A criminal defense attorney in Nevada can assist you in understanding the specific definitions applicable to your offense and in determining exactly what a prosecutor must prove in order for you to be convicted of that particular offense. A prosecutor must prove every element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt, which could mean proving that you were a juror under the legal definition in Nevada.

LV Criminal Defense knows the laws in Title 15 of Nevada code inside and out, including the definitions found within Chapter 193 of Title 15. We will work closely with you to identify the likelihood of conviction, based the nature of the crime and the evidence against you. We can then help you to devise the most effective legal strategy for minimizing the chances of conviction or minimizing penalties by negotiating a favorable plea deal. Give us a call today to find out more about the ways in which our legal team can help you.

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