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Vegas Attorneys Explain Lawful Resistance

Vegas Attorneys Explain Lawful ResistanceWhen a public offense is about to be committed, it is lawful to resist the commission of the public offense. This is a very important rule because your permissible resistance could sometimes involve engaging in behavior that might otherwise be considered to be unlawful in the state of Nevada.

You need to know Nevada’s laws on when resistance to the commission of a public offense is considered to be lawful resistance and you must also understand who is permitted to resist when an offense is about to be committed. LV Criminal Defense can help you to identify what the rules are for resistance of commission of a public offense. We can also help you to show that you acted within the scope of those rules if the circumstances arise where you are accused of wrongdoing based on your actions.

When you are accused of breaking the law and you wish to defend yourself by claiming you were lawfully resisting the commission of a public offense, you have the burden of justifying your conduct. Our Las Vegas defense attorneys can help you to make compelling arguments that you acted appropriately so you can avoid any sanctions that could be imposed if a prosecutor is successfully able to press charges against you for your actions.

When you believe your actions were justified, you should not hesitate to get legal help if you have been accused of wrongdoing. As soon as an investigation into you begins or as soon as you have been accused of doing something that falls outside of the bounds of the law, you should reach out to our trusted, compassionate Nevada criminal defense law firm for help fighting for your reputation and future.

Nevada Laws on Lawful Resistance to Commission of Public Offense

N.R.S. 193.230 explains the circumstances under which lawful resistance to the commission of a public offense is permitted. According to the relevant law, the person who is about to be injured by the public offense is permitted to engage in lawful resistance. Other parties are also permitted to engage in lawful resistance as well.

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Because any party is permitted to engage in lawful resistance to commission of public offenses, the key question that must be answered relates to whether or not the resistance is actually lawful. This determination is made based on the nature of the public offense that was about to be committed along with the level of resistance that was engaged in.

Often, it is a difficult question to answer whether the resistance was lawful or rose to the level of unlawful. To protect yourself from being charged or from being convicted, you will need to understand the laws and make carefully crafted legal arguments, backed up by evidence, to demonstrate that you were justified in your actions. LV Criminal Defense can help you to make those arguments so you can hopefully avoid facing serious penalties in connection with your actions that you believed to be lawful resistance to the commission of public offenses within the state of Nevada.

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