Vegas Criminal Lawyer Explains Unlawful Sound Reproduction

Nevada protects the rights of property owners by criminalizing certain kinds of conduct related to property. Chapter 205 of Title 15 details property crimes and there are different offenses that are made illegal within Chapter 205. One such offense relates to the unlawful reproduction or sale of sound recordings.

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Nevada Revised Statute Section 205.217: Unlawful Reproduction or Sale of Sound Recording

The offense of unlawful reproduction of sound records is defined in Nevada Revised Statute section 2015.217. Many different types of conduct are made unlawful by this statute including:

Transferring any sounds that were recorded on a phonograph, record, disc, tape, wire, film, or another article that sounds are recorded on.
• Causing the transfer of sounds that were recorded on a phonograph, record, disc, tape, wire, film, or another article.
• Selling, distributing, circulating, or offering for sale, distribution, or circulation, any article or device that sounds have been transferred onto without the consent of the person who owns the master recording from which the sounds are delivered.
• Possessing for purposes of sale, distribution, or circulation, any article or device that sounds have been transferred onto without the consent of the lawful owner of the original recording.
• Causing to be sold, circulated, possessed, or offered for sale or distribution, any article that sounds have been recorded or transferred onto without consent.
• Selling; distributing; circulating; offering for sale, distribution or circulation; or possessing a sound recording, record, wire, tape, film, or another article unless the article bears the name and the address of the transferor of sounds in a prominent place.

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In order for a prosecutor to secure a conviction for any of these unlawful acts, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant acted knowingly. If the defendant is found guilty of a first offense, the offense is a category D felony. However, repeat offenses will result in a conviction for a category C felony offense. Any felony offense is a serious crime for which a defendant can face harsh penalties including a lengthy jail sentence and a permanent felony record

Persons, firms, corporations, associations, and partnerships are all subject to the prohibitions against unlawful recordings found within Nevada Revised Statute section 205.217, and all parties can be found guilty of a criminal offense if they violate these rules in relation to unlawful sound recordings.

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