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In the state of Nevada, counterfeiting offenses are considered to be crimes against property and are thus made illegal within Chapter 205 of Title 15. Chapter 205 is the chapter of Nevada’s penal code that deals with property offenses. Serious penalties are imposed within Chapter 205 for criminal acts that intend to defraud or intend to deprive rightful owners of their assets.

There are many different kinds of counterfeiting crimes that are addressed within Chapter 205, including the offense of counterfeiting gold dust, gold bars, or other articles. If you have been accused of a criminal offense in connection with counterfeiting gold or if you have been charged with related offenses, you need to be proactive in responding to the serious accusations against you. LV Criminal Defense can help.

Our Las Vegas defense attorneys will work closely with you to respond to claims that you broke the law with the goal of reducing the likelihood of conviction or reducing the likelihood of serious penalties. We can help you to pursue a plea agreement that reduces the charges or penalties you face, or can help you to fight for an acquittal in court. No matter what your situation, our firm will provide the advocacy you deserve as you try to navigate the criminal justice system. Give us a call today to learn more.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 205.180: Counterfeiting Gold Dust or Other Articles

Nevada Revised Statute section 205.180 is the part of Nevada’s law that prohibits counterfeiting gold dust, gold bars, or other articles. The statute also prohibits making or possessing counterfeiting instruments.

According to the relevant law, you can be found guilty of a violation of N.R.S. 205.180 if you counterfeit any kind or species of gold dust, silver, gold bars, gold bullion, pieces or nuggets of silver or gold, lumps of silver or gold, or any type of uncoined gold or silver that is currently passing within the state of Nevada. You can also be found guilty of violating this law if you alter or put off any kind of uncoined gold or silver that was mentioned within the statute for purposes of defrauding a person, a corporation, or the body politic.

The statute not only prohibits unlawful possession of any kind of counterfeit gold or silver but it also prohibits making instruments for counterfeiting uncoined gold or silver. In order for you to be convicted of making instruments for counterfeiting gold or silver, the prosecutor would need to show that you had the instrument with knowledge of what the instrument was made for and what its use was. Possession, or secretly keeping, such instruments is also unlawful.

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Any defendant who illegally possesses gold, silver or related items or any defendant who illegally possesses the equipment to make these materials can be charged with a Category C felony. This can result in a lengthy jail sentence, not to mention a felony on your record that can impact future opportunities.

In addition to the penalties that result from the felony conviction, defendants can also be required to make restitution to those who they defrauded with counterfeit gold dust or other counterfeit material, which can add a substantial additional financial cost to conviction.

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Don’t take the accusations against you lightly if you have been accused of counterfeiting gold dust or other articles. Reach out to Vegas defense lawyers who are familiar with property crimes cases and who know the laws in Chapter 205 inside and out. We can put our extensive experience representing clients accused of violating Nevada law to work on your case so you can fight for your future. Call LV Criminal Defense today to find out more.

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