Forgery of conveyances, negotiable instruments, stock certificates

Vegas Defense Attorney Explains Forgery Offenses

Forgery of conveyances, negotiable instruments, stock certificatesNevada has many different provisions of the law that are aimed at protecting property owners. In fact, within Nevada’s penal code in Title 15, there is an entire chapter that is devoted to defining different kinds of property crimes and to imposing punishments for those offenses. That chapter, Chapter 205 of Title 15, has a separate subsection for crimes related to fraud, forgery, and counterfeiting.

Within the forgery and fraud subchapter, there are different kinds of forgeries made illegal including forgery of conveyances, negotiable instruments, stock certificates, wills, and other related instruments. Forging any of these documents can result in serious criminal charges and conviction can lead to jail time, among other long-lasting consequences.

If you have been accused of forgery, you need to get legal help from an experienced attorney who understands the laws in Chapter 205 and who can defend you against accusations that you committed a property crime.

LV Criminal Defense can help you to take action to fight the charges you are facing. Give us a call today to talk with a Vegas defense attorney who will fight for you throughout the entire process of responding to charges related to forging negotiable instruments, wills, or other instruments.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 205.090: Forgery of Conveyances

Crimes related to forgery of conveyances of negotiable instruments and other related instruments are defined within Nevada Revised Statute section 205.090. This statute deals with conveyances, negotiable instruments, stock certificates, wills, other instruments, and utterances of forged instruments.

According to the relevant statute, it is unlawful to falsely make, alter, forge, or counterfeit any record or other authentic mater of a public nature. It is also unlawful to falsely make, alter, forge, or counterfeit charters, letters patents, deeds, leases, wills, testaments, codicils, annuities, bonds, covenants, bank bills or notes, checks, drafts, bills of exchange, contracts, promissory notes, money orders, traveler’s checks, due bills, receipts for money or property, powers of attorney, auditor’s warrants for payment of money to the treasury, county orders, warrants, requests for the payment of money or delivery of goods, discharge of debts, promissory notes, or a whole host of other documents that are listed within N.R.S. 205.090.

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If a defendant engages in unlawful behavior and forges or counterfeits any documents listed within N.R.S. 205.090, a prosecutor can secure conviction if the prosecutor can prove that the defendant acted with the intent to damage or defraud any person, body politic, or corporation. A prosecutor could also secure conviction by demonstrating that the defendant who made the forgery did so with the intent to pass off the forgery as true and genuine.

If a defendant engages in forgery or counterfeiting of the listed items with the intent to defraud or with the intent to pass off the counterfeit items as true and genuine, the defendant can be found guilty of a category D felony. In addition to the felony charge on his or her record and in addition to other penalties that could include prison time, a defendant who is convicted of forgery of conveyances, negotiable instruments, stock certificates, wills, and other related instruments can also be made to pay restitution to those who suffered financial loss because of the forgery or fraud.

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You should contact LV Criminal Defense as soon as you have been accused of forgery of conveyances, negotiable instruments, wills, stock certificates, or other instruments. Our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team will work to evaluate the evidence against you and help you to determine your best course of action aimed at avoiding consequences or limiting the serious penalties you could face.

A conviction on your record for a forgery can have a profound impact on future career opportunities, so your future as well as your freedom are at stake if you are accused of this property crime. Reach out to a Nevada criminal defense lawyer at our firm today to find out how we can help you to navigate the criminal justice system to protect your rights.

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