Vegas Defense Attorney Explains Counterfeit Stamp Crimes

Vegas Defense Attorney Explains Counterfeit Stamp CrimesIf you engage in property crimes within the state of Nevada, you may be charged with a criminal offense defined within Chapter 205 of the penal code in Title 15. In Chapter 205, the part of the penal code that deals with property crimes, there are different subcategories of offenses including those related to counterfeiting, too forgery, and to fraud.

Counterfeiting of all types is illegal, including counterfeiting stamps and labels. Each different counterfeiting crime has its own unique definition and there are specific elements of the offense that prosecutors must prove to secure a conviction, so defendants need to understand the law in order to determine how best to respond to accusations.

Getting help from Nevada criminal lawyers is often the best course of action for defendants who want to fight criminal charges. LV Criminal Defense is here and ready to provide the advocacy you deserve. We can not only assist you in trying for an acquittal but we can also help you to work towards a favorable plea deal to reduce penalties if you don’t think you can fight accusations in court. In every circumstance, we help you to try to get the best outcomes possible given the nature of the charges and in light of the evidence against you.

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Nevada Revised Statute Section 205.195: Counterfeiting Stamps and Labels

Nevada Revised Statute section 205.195 is the part of Chapter 205 that prohibits the offense of counterfeiting stamps and labels. According to the relevant law, you can be convicted of this offense if you knowingly and willfully forge or counterfeit any goods, wares, or merchandise with the private label or stamp of a manufacture. You could also be found guilty of violating N.R.S. 205.195 if you cause stamps and labels to be placed on counterfeit goods, wares, or merchandise or if you procure forgeries or counterfeited materials with stamps or labels belonging to a mechanic or to a manufacturer.

A prosecutor must prove that you acted willfully and knowingly in order to secure a conviction for this criminal offense. A prosecutor must also prove that you used the stamp or label on forged or counterfeit merchandise with the intent to defraud purchasers or manufacturers of goods, wares or merchandise. In other words, you cannot be convicted of this crime unless the prosecutor is able to show both that you had knowledge of the forgery or counterfeiting and that you acted with the motivation of trying to defraud others. Proving your intent and motivation can be challenging for prosecutors.

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If a prosecutor is able to successfully prove every element of the offense of counterfeiting stamps and labels under Chapter 205.195, you can be convicted of a misdemeanor criminal offense. A misdemeanor is not as serious as a felony and the penalties for a misdemeanor offense are less harsh than for felony crimes. However, you could still end up facing a jail sentence as a result of conviction and you will still have a misdemeanor on your record if you are found guilty – which can impact your opportunities going forward.

Getting Help From a Nevada Criminal Defense Attorney

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