Nevada Defense Lawyers Explain Crime of Forged Instruments

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In the state of Nevada, uttering forged instruments is considered to be a property crime. This is a serious offense defined within the forgery subsection of Chapter 205 of Title 15, which deals with all different types of property offenses.

If you are accused of uttering forged instruments, you could face incarceration among other life-changing penalties. You could also be left with a criminal record that can impact your future opportunities. You need to make a strategic determination about how best to respond to the serious allegations that you are facing. LV Criminal Defense is here and ready to help.

Our Vegas defense lawyers have provided representation to defendants accused of many different kinds of wrongdoing made illegal in Chapter 205. We are familiar with the laws on crimes related to uttering forged instruments and other property offenses and we can put our considerable knowledge of this area of law to work on helping you determine how best to fight charges against you. To find out more about the assistance our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team can provide, give us a call today.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 205.011: Uttering Forged Instruments

Nevada defines the crime of uttering forged instruments in Nevada Revised Statute section 205.110. According to the relevant law, a defendant can be charged with the crime of uttering forged instruments for having such forged instruments in his or her possession or for taking certain other actions in connection with forged instruments – even if the defendant is not the person who actually committed the forgery and made the false or forged documents or other forged items.

A defendant can be charged under this statute for uttering, offering, disposing, or putting off the forged item off as true. A defendant can also be charged under N.R.S. 205.110 for having forged instruments in his or her possession with intent to utter, offer, dispose, or put off the forged writing, instrument, or other forged item.

Defendants can be charged under N.R.S. 201.110 only if the making, forging, or altering of the item they have in their possession would actually be charged as a forgery. If the defendant has in his possession something that would have resulted in forgery charges had the defendant created it, the defendant can be convicted only if the defendant knew, or had reason to know, that the item was forged or altered with intent to defraud.

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If a prosecutor is able to prove the defendant had forged items, the defendant can be convicted of forgery just as if he had forged the unlawful items in his possession himself. This means that the defendant will face the same underlying penalties for forging the particular item that he would have faced had he committed the actual forgery, simply for uttering the forged instrument.

Penalties for forgery can be very serious, and defendants could find themselves facing a felony charge, conviction for a crime that could result in incarceration, and facing other serious consequences. For example, in forgery cases, it is common for the court to order a convicted defendant to make restitution to those who were wronged by the forgery or counterfeiting. A defendant convicted of uttering forged instruments could thus face loss of personal liberty along with substantial financial loss.

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As soon as you have been accused of uttering forged instruments, you should give us a call to talk with a Vegas defense lawyer. Our firm can help you to evaluate the nature of the charges you’re facing, can assist you in evaluating the evidence against you, and can work with you to either fight charges in court or to negotiate a favorable plea agreement.

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