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Grand larceny- PenaltiesIn Nevada, you could be charged with larceny for taking items that do not belong to you. Larceny is a property crime, and within Chapter 205 that details property crimes, there is an entire subcategory related to larceny offenses.

There are different types of larceny crimes that you could be charged with based on the value of items you allegedly stole and based on the type of item you allegedly took. One of the most serious of the larceny crimes is grand larceny.

If you have been accused of grand larceny, LV Criminal Defense can help. Our Vegas defense attorneys know the ins-and-outs of property crimes and we have the necessary skills and experience to help you fight charges when you’ve been accused of any offenses under Chapter 205. To find out more about how our firm can help you to navigate the criminal justice system to reduce the likelihood of a conviction for grand larceny, give us a call today.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 205.222: Grand Larceny

Nevada defines the offense of grand larceny in Nevada Revised Statute section 205.220 and sets forth the penalties for grand larceny in Nevada Revised Statute section 205.222.

According to the relevant statute, a defendant commits grand larceny if he intentionally steals, takes, carries away, leads away, or drives away with any property belonging to someone else that is valued at $250 or more. This includes personal goods or property; furniture; bedding; and real property converted into personal property by severing it from real property.

Grand larceny also includes using a card or other device to automatically withdraw or transfer money from a financial institution when not entitled to that money.

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Stealing, taking, carrying away, enticing away, or driving away one or more heads of livestock owned by someone else or one or more domesticated animals or birds valued at $250 that are owned by someone else can also be considered grand larceny as can taking steps to defraud, steal, appropriate, or prevent the identification of livestock or other domesticated animals.

Behaviors that are considered unlawful attempts to defraud, steal, appropriate, or hide the identity of livestock or domestic animals include selling or purchasing the hide or carcass of one or more head of livestock that has had a brand or mark cut out or obliterated, killing branded or marked livestock that is running at large; or killing domesticated animals or birds owned by someone else, regardless of whether those animals are branded or not.

Under N.R.S. 205.222, penalties for grand larceny vary depending upon the value of stolen property. If the value is less than $2,500, a defendant can be found guilty of a Category C felony. If the value of the property is worth $2,500 or more, the defendant can be charged with a Category B felony and punished by a minimum period of imprisonment of one year, a maximum term of imprisonment of 10 years, and a fine up to $10,000.

The statute also indicates that a defendant who is convicted of grand larceny can be ordered to pay restitution. This court order to make whole any person whose property was taken is separate from any other fines and penalties imposed upon a defendant who has been convicted of the offense of grand larceny.

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