Nevada Defense Lawyer Explains Vending Machine Theft Penalty

In Chapter 205 of Title 15, the state of Nevada defines many different kinds of property crimes. Within the different categories of property crimes made illegal in Chapter 205 are a number of different theft offenses. Theft has its own subsection in Chapter 205 and each statute within the theft subcategory defines specific types of theft offenses and imposes penalties for each particular crime.

One of the statutes within Chapter 205 relates to crimes involving the theft of money or property from vending machines. If you’ve been accused of stealing from vending machines, you need to understand what the elements of the offense are that the prosecutor will need to prove and you need to take steps to determine whether the prosecutor is likely to be able to prove the case against you.

With an understanding of the law and the prosecutor’s evidence, you can determine if you have the option to successfully fight charges so you can be found not guilty or if your best course of action is to admit guilt in exchange for a favorable plea deal.

Deciding how to proceed in response to charges can be complicated, but LV Criminal Defense can help. Our dedicated and experienced legal team is here to provide the assistance you need in developing a sound legal strategy aimed at reducing the likelihood of conviction or limiting the penalties you could face. To find out more about the help our firm can offer you, give us a call today to talk with Nevada defense lawyers you can trust.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 205.2707: Penalty for Taking Money or Property from Vending Machines

The statute that criminalizes the theft of money or property from vending machines is Nevada Revised Statute section 205.2707.

According to the relevant law, it is illegal to intentionally steal, take, or carry away property valued at $250 or more from vending machines. When determining the value of property or money taken from a vending machine, an aggregate value is taken over the course of a week. This means if you steal $150 on Monday from a vending machine and you steal another $150 of property from that same vending machine on Friday of the same week, you would be considered to have stolen $300 worth of vending machine property and could be charged under N.R.S. 205.270.

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If the value of the property is more than $250 but less than $2,500, you could be convicted of a category C felony under N.R.S. 205.2707. If the value of the property totals $2,500 or more, you could be charged with a category B felony. The punishment for this offense is a minimum of one year imprisonment in state prison and a maximum of 10 years imprisonment in state prison along with a fine of up to $1,000. In addition to these penalties, and separate from the fine, you may also be required to pay restitution which would mean providing reimbursement to the individual or company who lost money as a result of your theft from the vending machine.

N.R.S. 205.2707 also indicates that when a determination is made regarding the value of the property that was taken from the vending machine, the cost of repairing the damaged vending machine is added on to the total if you caused any damage. If the machine must be replaced, the value of replacing the machine is added on to the aggregate value of property taken.

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