Nevada Defense Lawyer Explains Attempts to Kill

Lawyer Explains Attempts to KillNevada law makes homicide a crime. Homicide offenses are defined in Chapter 200 of Nevada’s criminal code, which is found in Title 15. Chapter 200 is the chapter of Title 15 that specifically establishes all of the rules applicable in the state of Nevada for crimes committed against persons.

Punishments can be very harsh for defendants who are convicted of crimes against persons because there are victims who are actually harmed, or who are at grave risk of harm, when these offenses are committed. Defendants need to understand the different types of conduct that have been made illegal under Chapter 200 and need to understand exactly what prosecutors need to prove for each offense.

When a defendant has been accused of crimes against the person, the prosecutor has the burden of proving every element of the particular crime for which the defendant has been accused. The defendant does not have to prove innocence, but instead simply can avoid conviction and get acquitted by introducing reasonable doubt. This means that defendants need to work with an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to understand the specific nature of the charges against them, to evaluate the prosecutor’s evidence, and to determine if they should fight charges in court.

This can be especially important in circumstances where a defendant is accused of a homicide offense because the unlawful killing of another is considered to be the most serious crime in the state of Nevada. And, not only can a defendant be charged with a homicide offense when he actually causes a death, but a defendant could also be charged with attempts to kill if the defendant tries to take action that results in the death of another.

When a defendant is charged with attempts to kill, the prosecutor does not have to prove a death took place. A defendant could potentially be convicted even if the potential victim is alive and well, so the safety of the victim is not a defense to charges. LV Criminal Defense can provide assistance to a defendant accused of attempts to kill in order to determine what defenses to charges actually do exist.

A Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer at our firm will work closely with you to develop a sound legal strategy and to implement that strategy. Whether you want our legal team to help you fight for acquittal or to assist with the negotiation of a plea deal, we have the experience necessary to help you. The sooner you reach out to our legal team, the sooner we can begin to evaluate evidence, conduct an investigation, and assist you in determining which course of action is likely to result in outcomes most favorable to you. Just give us a call today if you have been accused of attempts to kill to find out about the assistance that we can offer.

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Nevada laws on Attempts to Kill

Attempts to kill are a separate subcategory of offense under Chapter 200, just as homicide crimes are a separate subcategory of offense. The subcategory of Chapter 200 that deals with attempts to kill contains one statute: Nevada Revised Statute section 200.390.

N.R.S. 200.390 details attempts to kill through the administration of poison. According to the relevant statute, any person who willfully and maliciously administers poison or who causes poison to be administered could be charged with attempt to kill. Poison is broadly defined and a defendant could be convicted if he administered or facilitated the administration of any poison, as well as any noxious or destructive liquid or noxious or destructive substance.

To be convicted of an attempt to kill under Nevada Revised Statute section 200.390, the defendant must have administered the poison, noxious substance, or destructive substance with the intent to cause the death of the person to whom it was administered.

This means a prosecutor must prove that the defendant acted intentionally, or on purpose, to administer the poison. The prosecutor must prove the defendant did so with malicious or harmful intent. And the prosecutor must show that the goal of administering the poison, or causing it to be administered, was to cause the death of the person who it was given to. This is several key things that the prosecutor must prove about the motivations of the defendant and the reasons for the defendant’s conduct.

If a prosecutor can meet this burden of proof and show the defendant intentionally and maliciously caused poison to be administered, or administered it, in order to cause a death, the defendant can be convicted of a category A felony. The penalties for this category A felony under N.R.S. 200.390 could include life in prison with the possibility of parole after a minimum of five years or imprisonment for a definite term of 15 years with the possibility of parole after five years.

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Because the penalties for attempts to kill are so serious and because conviction for this criminal offense could result in a lengthy prison term, potentially up to life imprisonment, it is vital to get legal help as soon as you are under suspicion for an attempt to kill. You need a Nevada criminal defense attorney who has experience with these serious charges and who has a long history of successfully representing defendants accused of crimes against persons.

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