Human Trafficking Crimes Explained by Vegas Criminal Lawyer

In the state of Nevada, one of the most serious crimes that a defendant could be accused of is human trafficking. Human trafficking involves taking steps to purchase or sell another person or to facilitate the trafficking of persons.

Trafficking in persons is prohibited in Chapter 200 of Title 15 of Nevada’s code. Title 15 is the part of Nevada’s law dealing with crimes and punishments. Chapter 200 is the chapter of Title 15 that defines crimes against persons and sets forth penalties and defenses. There are different subcategories in Chapter 200 and trafficking in persons is one of those subcategories.

If you are accused of trafficking in persons under the provisions in Chapter 200, the conviction could mean prison time, among other harsh penalties. Fighting the charges against you is imperative if you do not want your future derailed. To fight for your future, you need a Nevada defense lawyer with experience representing defendants accused of violating the laws in Chapter 200 by committing crimes against persons.

LV Criminal Defense is here to help. Our legal team will work with you to understand the charges against you and the evidence the prosecutor has against you and we will help you to identify the best legal strategy to try to reduce the severity of the consequences you face or to try for an acquittal. To find out more about how our legal team can help you to face charges of trafficking in persons, give us a call today.

Nevada Laws on Trafficking in Persons

The subcategory of Chapter 200 that relates to crimes involving trafficking of persons contains two statutes: Nevada Revised Statute section 200.467 and Nevada Revised Statutes section 200.468.

Under Nevada Revised Statute section 200.467, the state makes clear that it is unlawful to transport a person into the state of Nevada in exchange for any money or for any financial gain if the person who is doing the transporting knows, or has reason to know, that the person who is being transported does not have the legal right to enter the United States or the legal right to remain within the United States.

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It is also unlawful to procure transport into Nevada for someone with no legal right to be in the state and to assists in the transportation or the procuring of the transportation.

Violating N.R.S. 200.467 by trafficking in persons for financial gain can result in serious penalties. If a defendant is convicted, the offense is a Category B felony. Under the relevant statute, the penalty for conviction could include a minimum one year term of imprisonment and a maximum term of 10 years of imprisonment. In addition to the term of incarceration, the conviction could also result in a defendant facing up to a $50,000 fine.

N.R.S. 200.468 also defines an offense related to trafficking in persons. However, this offense relates not to trafficking a person for financial gain but instead to the crime of trafficking a person for illegal purposes.

Under the relevant statute, it is illegal to transport, procure transport, or assist in the transpiration or the procurement of transportation to bring a person into the state of Nevada if the defendant is aware that the person being transported has no legal right to be in the United States.

To convict a defendant under N.R.S. 200.468, a prosecutor must prove that the defendant procedures or facilitated the transportation of a person into Nevada who had no legal right to be in the U.S. in order to subject the person being transported to involuntary servitude. It is also unlawful to transport a person with the intent to violate any state or federal labor law or to commit any other type of crime in connection with the transported person that is punishable by at least a year of imprisonment in state prison.

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If a defendant is convicted of violating N.R.S. 200.468, the defendant will be convicted of a category B felony. The penalty for this offense could include a minimum of one year of imprisonment, which means that if you are convicted, the mandatory minimum sentence does not allow for leeway to avoid spending time incarcerated. The maximum penalty under N.R.S. 200.468 could include as long as 20 years of imprisonment. And, in addition to a potentially lengthy prison sentence, if convicted of trafficking in persons for illegal purposes, a defendant who is convicted could also be fined up to $50,000.

Defendants could also be charged with other related crimes, including involuntary servitude or recruiting, enticing, or harboring someone for involuntary servitude depending upon the nature of the defendant’s conduct and the specific actions that are taken in connection with the person who is being trafficked. It is important to understand the definition of each of these different types of offenses so you will know exactly what the prosecutor must prove in order to secure a conviction for the offense with which you have been charged.

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Our committed and experienced defense team will help you to disprove the accusations, introduce reasonable doubt, fight for an acquittal or negotiate a favorable plea deal to reduce the potential penalties that could result from being charged with trafficking in persons. To find out more about how we can fight for you, give us a call today.