Duels and Challenges Explained by Nevada Defense Lawyer

Duels and Challenges Explained by Nevada Defense LawyerIn the state of Nevada, many different kinds of behaviors have been prohibited within Title 15, which is the part of Nevada law that details crimes and punishments. Title 15 is divided into different chapters, each of which contains subsections with statues setting forth the required elements of various types of crimes as well as setting forth the penalties for the conviction for different offenses.

Within Title 15, Chapter 200 deals with crimes against persons. Crimes against persons include homicide offenses, mayhem, sexual assault, and various other types of criminal conduct in which victims sustain injuries. There is also a subsection of crimes against persons that relate specifically to duels and challenges.

If you engage in conduct that is classified as a duel, under Nevada law or if you challenge someone to a fight, you could find yourself facing legal consequences as defined by the duels and challenges subsection of Chapter 200 of Title 15. The charges and possible penalties in connection with duels and fights are very serious, so it is important that you get the help you need to respond to these charges right away. This means contacting a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney who is familiar with similar cases and who knows the provisions of Chapter 200 very well.

LV Criminal Defense is the firm that you should reach out to if you have been accused of a crime in connection with duels or challenges or if you have been accused of any other violations of Chapter 200. Our legal team can work closely with you to identify the nature and extent of the evidence against you, to determine if you can introduce reasonable doubt or raise affirmative defenses, and to help you to decide how to plead to the charges.

We can also negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors on your behalf to lessen possible penalties that could result or can assist you in presenting your case in court to maximize the chance of acquittal. To find out more about how we can help you, give us a call today.

Nevada Laws on Duels and Challenges

Nevada laws on duels and challenges are found within Nevada Revised Statue section 200.410 through Nevada Revised Statute section 200.450. The statutes within the duels and challenges subsection detail the penalties that could be imposed as a result of death resulting from a duel; the penalties for a challenge to fight; and information about incriminating testimony, witness’s privilege, and posting for not fighting.

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Under Nevada Revised Statue section 200.410, a defendant who fights a duel based on a previous appointment or previous agreement using a rifle, shotgun, pistol, bowie knife, or other dangerous weapon could be charged with an offense related to death resulting from a duel if the defendant kills the antagonist who he had agreed to meet to fight.

If a defendant kills anyone else with a dangerous weapon while involved in a fight or duel he attended by previous agreement or by appointment, the defendant could also be charged with a death in connection with a duel. Under N.R.S. 200.410, causing a death of any person in connection with a duel could result in a conviction for first-degree murder, which is a category A felony offense. This is true whether the person who is killed is the antagonist or is any other individual whose death occurred due to the duel.

Nevada Revised Statute section 200.450 provides information on other penalties that can be imposed as result of a challenge to fight. Defendants will generally be charged under this statute if the defendant has made an agreement in advance to fight with another person.

A defendant could also be charged with the offense of challenges to fight outlined in N.R.S. 200.450 if the defendant challenges someone verbally or in writing to fight, or sends or authorizes another individual to make such a challenge.

The penalties for a challenge to fight will vary depending upon the circumstances. If the fight does not involve the use of a deadly weapon, then the crime is a gross misdemeanor, which could mean that a defendant faces up to one year of jail time in the county jail as well as a maximum fine of $2,000.

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If the fight involves a deadly weapon, a defendant convicted of a challenge to fight under N.R.S. 200.450 could be charged with a Category B felony and could be imprisoned in state prison for a minimum of a one year term of imprisonment. The maximum penalty for a category B felony for a challenge to fight is six years of imprisonment. A defendant could also be fined up to $5,000 if convicted of this offense.

The same statute, N.R.S. 200.450, also imposes penalties for defendants who act on behalf of others in giving, sending, or accepting a challenge to fight made verbally or made in writing. The penalties are the same for any defendant who acted on another person’s behalf in connection with making or agreeing to a challenge to fight.

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Our firm has extensive experience with defending clients accused of many different types of crimes against persons that have been made unlawful by the provisions of Chapter 200 of Nevada’s criminal code. We know the law inside-and-out and can help you to create the right legal strategy to navigate the criminal justice system and get the best possible outcomes.

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