Defense Lawyer in Las Vegas describes Venue for Multi-County Offense Under N.R.S. 171.030

In Las Vegas, there are multiple courts where criminal proceedings occur. These include the Clark County Justice Court, the Regional Justice Center, and the North Las Vegas Justice Court. There are additional criminal courts in surrounding counties as well, including in Lincoln County to the North; Nye County to the West; Inyo County, California to the Southwest; San Bernardino County California to the South; and Mohave County Arizona to the East.

When a defendant commits a crime and is prosecuted in state court, rather than federal court, typically the case is heard in the county court where the crime took place. Sometimes, however, offenses are committed partly in one county and partly in another. When this occurs, it is important to determine the appropriate venue where a defendant will face trial. The venue or county in which the case is prosecuted can be important for multiple reasons, including convenience for the defendant and different demographics affecting the makeup of the jury. Nevada has laws in place to determine which county a case should be tried in, and defendants need to know how these laws affect them.

Here, we understand the rules for venue and will work hard to help clients make informed decisions about how jurisdiction affects their case. Procedural matters like where a case is tried can have a profound impact on your experience in the criminal justice system and clients deserve a Las Vegas defense lawyer who understands these complex and detailed issues. Contact us today to learn more.

Offenses Committed in Multiple Nevada Counties

It is possible that many criminal offenses will occur across county lines. For example, defendants could meet in multiple counties to conspire to commit criminal offenses, or could carjack someone and drive a vehicle across county lines. Trafficking or distribution of narcotics, solicitation, stalking, prostitution, and a huge number of other crimes could also be committed in different counties in and around the Las Vegas area.

Nevada Revised Statutes Section 171.030 establishes the rules for offenses that are committed partly in one county and partly in another. According to this Code Section, the venue is in either county. This is because both counties have an interest in prosecuting a defendant for wrongdoing allegedly committed within the county borders.

This does not mean a defendant can be tried for the same crime in both locations. Under N.R.S. 171.075, conviction or acquittal in one of the counties with jurisdiction means the defendant cannot be prosecuted for the same offense in a different county.

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Other Rules for Venue in Nevada Criminal Cases

While N.R.S. 171.030 establishes the general rule for jurisdiction and venue when crimes are committed in multiple counties, there are also individual criminal statutes that address the issue of venue as well.

For example, N.R.S. 205.060, which imposes penalties for the crime of burglary, indicates that when burglary is committed on a vessel, vehicle, or trailer, an alleged offender can be arrested and tried in any county where the vehicle or vessel traveled through or to during the time the crime was being committed.

Since the issue of venue is addressed in multiple places within the Nevada criminal code, determining exactly where a case can be heard can be a complicated matter. A legal professional with experience and knowledge of the law can help.

How a Las Vegas Defense Lawyer Can Help With Criminal Procedure Issues

Many criminal defense lawyers underestimate the importance of venue and overlook other procedural issues that can give clients a strategic advantage. At LV Criminal Defense, we focus on every detail that can help you to raise the strongest defense or maximize the chance of a positive outcome.

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