Vegas Criminal Laws on Collecting for Benefits Without Authority

Nevada laws exist to protect the integrity of charitable events such as fundraising balls or benefits. In fact, in the state of Nevada, collecting money for a supposed benefit without authorization of the person or the organization that the benefit is supposedly organized to provide donations for can actually result in criminal charges.

Being charged with a crime for collecting for a benefit without authority can result in surprisingly seriously penalties. In fact, a defendant could actually face federal charges for collecting for benefits without having the legal authority of the organization or individual who the benefit is supposed to be for.

The penalties vary depending upon the amount of money obtained and there are specific elements of the offense that a prosecutor must prove in order for a defendant to be convicted, so it is important to understand the laws in the state and to make fully informed choices about how best to respond when you are accused of wrongdoing.

A Vegas defense attorney at LV Criminal Defense can help. Our experienced legal team can put our knowledge of Nevada’s laws on property crimes and unlawful collections for benefits to work for you to help you ensure you get the best outcome possible to your case in light of the evidence. You should give us a call as soon as possible to find out more about the assistance that we can offer.

Nevada Laws on Collecting for Benefits Without Authority

The Nevada statute that deals with collecting for a benefit without authority is found within Chapter 205 of the penal code. This Chapter of the state’s criminal code is devoted to outlining the types of misconduct that are considered property crimes. It is subdivided into different categories, including a category for offenses related to fraud and false personification. Collecting for benefit without authority is considered to be a fraud offense, so is within this subcategory of Chapter 205.

The specific statute that criminalizes collecting for benefits without authority is Nevada Revised Statute section 205.415. According to the relevant statute, it is unlawful to sell one or more tickets to any benefit, ball, or entertainment for the benefit or pretend benefit of any association or order unless authorized to do so by the person, association, or order that is supposed to benefit from the sale of the tickets.

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A defendant can also be convicted for asking for or receiving any subscription or promise to benefit a person or association without authority from the person or association who is supposed to benefit.

If the amount of money or the value of promises or subscriptions that a defendant receives from selling tickets to benefit a group or organization without authority from the person or association that is supposed to benefit exceeds $650, the defendant could be charged with a Category C felony and could face a lengthy period of imprisonment. If the defendant receives subscriptions, promises, money, or other items of value that equal less than $650, then the defendant could be found guilty of a misdemeanor.

Whether a defendant is convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor offense for collecting for benefit without authority, the defendant can still be ordered to pay restitution as a part of the penalties imposed.

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