Vegas Defense Attorney Explains Crime of Preparing a Fake ID

For those who are under 21, not being able to purchase alcohol or go to bars can be frustrating. In fact, it can be so bothersome to be unable to do these activities that some people will procure false identification in order to pretend they are 21 or over. This demand for fake IDs has given rise to a burgeoning industry where people alter or otherwise prepare identification for people to use in order to pretend that they are 21 or over.

Unfortunately, preparing, transferring or using a false identification can result in serious charges, even if the only purpose of creating or using the fake ID is for someone 21 or under to buy liquor. In fact, defendants can be prosecuted for a misdemeanor criminal offense and can be left with a permanent criminal record.

Fighting charges is essential for anyone accused of wrongdoing in connection with false identification, and a Vegas defense lawyer at LV Criminal Defense can provide the help and support you need as you respond to accusations of wrongdoing. Give us a call today to learn more.

Nevada Laws on Preparation, Transfer, or Use of False Identifying Information Regarding Persons Under 21 Years of Age

In Nevada, using a fake ID by someone under the age of 21 is actually considered to be a property crime, which has been made illegal in Chapter 205. Chapter 205 is the part of Nevada’s penal code dealing with property offenses. It’s divided into different subcategories, including one where all of the statutes are found that relate to fraud and false personification.

The specific statute that addresses the use of a fake ID by someone under the age of 21 is Nevada Revised Statute section 205.460. According to the relevant statute, a defendant can be convicted of a criminal offense for counterfeiting, forging, altering, erasing, or obliterating any card, writing, paper, document, photocopy, car replica, or other personal identification document with the intent that the identification document be used by someone under 21 to falsely represent his or her age for the purposes of buying or being served alcohol.

The statute also criminalizes attempting to forge, counterfeit, alter, or otherwise interfere with an ID in order for someone under 21 to use it for purposes of obtaining alcohol. The definition of ID is broad for these purposes, as defendants can be charged for unlawful activities connected with anything that is commonly used as personal ID bearing showing someone is over 21, even if that document is not designed specifically for the use of personal ID.

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N.R.S. 205.460 specifically identifies certain types of documents covered by the law, including chauffeur’s licenses, fishing or hunting licenses, membership organization cards, select service cards, birth certificates or other birth records, and certificates of discharge from the armed forces.

Engaging in unlawful behaviors related to counterfeiting, forging, altering, erasing, or obliterating documents in violation of N.R.S. 205.460 is a misdemeanor criminal offense. If someone under 21 uses a forged or modified ID card, that person can also be charged with a misdemeanor offense.

However, those who sell, lend, give away, or offer counterfeited, forged, altered, erased or obliterated ID cards of the types mentioned within the statute to someone under the age of 21 can be charged with a gross misdemeanor, which is a more serious crime.

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