Nevada Laws on Swindling By False Representation

It’s imperative for the business world to operate that people are able to enter into transactions on credit. Because it is so important for people to be able to trust those who buy on credit to obtain that credit lawfully and to pay the bills that come due, there are both civil and criminal remedies that are imposed when people engage in fraud in connection with credit transactions.

In particular, there is a law in Nevada that prohibits swindling credit by false representation. If you are accused of breaking this law, you could face criminal charges that carry serious potential penalties including jail time.

Because your life could be derailed as a result of a conviction for swindling credit by false representations, you need to understand what a prosecutor would need to prove in order to secure a conviction for this offense and you need to understand how you can fight to avoid charges. LV Criminal Defense can help.

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Nevada Laws on Swindling and Credit by False Representation

Nevada defines the offense of swindling or obtaining credit by false representation in N.R.S. 205.370, which means this offense is defined within the fraud and false personification subcategory of the chapter of Nevada’s penal code that deals with property crimes.

According to N.R.S. 205.370, any person who makes false representations of his or her wealth in order to obtain credit and defraud a person of money, goods, chattel, or any valuable consideration could be convicted of an offense.

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The statute also stipulates that a defendant could be convicted for making false representations of mercantile correspondence or connections to obtain money or other valuable consideration.

Defendants who cause or procure others to make false reports of their wealth or mercantile character can be charged under N.R.S. 204.370 as well if the defendant’s actions in causing others to make false reports lead to the defendant obtaining credit and fraudulently coming to possess goods, wares, merchandise or other valuable things.

A defendant who violates this law can be considered a swindler. The defendant, upon conviction, will be ordered to return the fraudulently obtained property or to pay restitution if it cannot be returned.

The defendant’s other criminal penalties will vary depending upon the amount of money or property that was swindled. If the value of the money, chattels, goods, wares, merchandise, or there valuable item obtained through lying about wealth or mercantile character is $650 or more, the defendant can be charged with a Category C felony. If the value of goods improperly obtained is totaled at less than $650, the defendant can be charged with a misdemeanor offense.

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