Nevada Defense Law Firm Explains Offense of Personating Another

Nevada Defense Law Firm Explains Offense of Personating AnotherEvery person has the right to be secure in his identity, which includes knowing that other people are not misusing his or her personal information. Because it can be very damaging to victims when their identifying information is misused, the state of Nevada has very strict laws in place to prohibit personating another.

If you have been accused of personating another, a Vegas defense attorney can help you to understand Nevada’s laws on criminal impersonation, including what prosecutors would need to prove in order to secure conviction and how you can defend yourself against charges.

We will work with you to evaluate the evidence against you, determine if you should plead guilty or not guilty, and implement your plan to achieve the best outcome possible to your involvement with the criminal justice system.

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Nevada Criminal Laws on Personating Another

Nevada has made many different types of property crimes illegal in Chapter 205 of the state’s penal code. There are different subsections of the penal code in which different types of property crimes are defined. One subsection relates to fraud and false personification offenses.

Within this subsection of Chapter 205 is the law banning personating another. The law prohibiting false impersonation is found in Nevada Revised Statute section 205.450. According to the relevant law, any person who falsely represents or personates another can be charged with a crime for engaging in certain behaviors.

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For example, a defendant can be charged under N.R.S. 205.450 for impersonating someone else and getting married while acting under the assumed identity. A defendant can also be charged under this statute for impersonating another while becoming a bail or surety fro another party, or for impersonating another in any civil or criminal proceeding or before any court or officer.

Defendants can be charged for false personification in other circumstances too, including when confessing a judgement or acknowledging the conveyance of real property or other recorded instruments. Doing any act in any lawsuit, proceeding, or prosecution where the impersonated individual may be held liable to pay debt, damages, or a sum of money can also be unlawful under this statute, as can impersonating another when that person might have his or her rights or interests impacted in any way.

A violation of N.R.S. 205.450 by falsely personating another can result in conviction of a category C felony. Felonies are the most serious of criminal offenses, so those who are convicted will be left with a life-changing criminal record and could face a lengthy period of imprisonment after a guilty verdict.

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Getting Help From Vegas Defense Attorneys

A Vegas criminal defense lawyer at LV Criminal Defense will work closely with you to determine if a prosecutor has sufficient evidence to convince you of a violation of Nevada Revised Statute section 205.450.

You do not have to prove you are innocent of personating another, but rather can avoid prosecution simply by introducing reasonable doubt as to whether the prosecutor has proved every element of the offense. Our firm will help you to fight for acquittal by presenting your case in court. Or, in circumstances where negotiating a plea agreement may result in better outcomes, we can also provide you with assistance in fighting for lesser charges or reduced penalties.

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