Vegas Laws on the Improper Use of Insignia

Improper use of insigniaThere are certain insignia that provide you with benefits associated with membership or that provide you with advantages because the insignia signifies you accomplished certain acts.

It is imperative that when insignia have a specific meaning or confer benefits, only those with authority wear or display this insignia. As a result, the state of Nevada has actually made the improper use of certain types of insignia a crime.

If you violate laws on the use of insignia, you could face prosecution, could be convicted of an offense, could be penalized with consequences including potential jail time, and could be left with a criminal record that affects your reputation and future opportunities.

You need to know what your rights are and how you can respond to charges when you are accused of a crime related to the improper use of insignia in Nevada. Because the law can be complicated, you’ll want to work with a Vegas defense lawyer that understands how Nevada defines the offense of improperly using an insignia because a knowledgeable attorney can help you to craft a defense strategy that will result in the best possible outcomes for your situation.

LV Criminal Defense has successfully represented many defendants accused of improper use of insignia and related offenses. We can evaluate the evidence against you, represent you in a plea negotiation if resolving your case outside of court is best, or help you to fight for acquittal so you won’t be left with a record or face penalties. The sooner you reach out to our firm for assistance, the better your chances of a favorable outcome so you should give us a call as soon as you’ve ben accused of wrongdoing connected with insignia.

Nevada Laws on Improper Use of Insignia

Nevada laws on improper use of insignia are found in Nevada Revised Statute section 205.410. The improper use of insignia is considered a fraud crime, so this statute is found within a subsection of Chapter 205 of Nevada’s penal code that deals specifically with fraud and false personification offenses. Chapter 205, which contains this subsection on fraud offenses, is the part of the state’s penal code that criminalizes misconduct involving property.

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Nevada Revised Statute section 205.410 not only details the elements of the offense that a prosecutor would need to prove to secure a conviction for improper use of insignia but it also establishes the penalties that a defendant will face if convicted of this offense.

According to the relevant statute, a defendant can be convicted of improper use of insignia for willfully wearing the badge, buttons, insigne or rosette of any military order; of any secret order of society; or any similar organization. However, to be convicted, a defendant must have used the badge, button, insigne, or rosette in order to obtain assistance, aid, or any other benefit or advantage. The defendant must also not have been authorized or entitled to wear the insigne, button, logo, or rosette under the U.S. Constitution, bylaws, or rules of the order or society in order for a defendant to be convicted.

If a defendant is found guilty of the offense of improper use of insignia under N.R.S. 205.410, the defendant could face a penalty of a maximum fine of $500.

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Getting Help From Vegas Defense Attorneys

A Vegas defense lawyer at LV Criminal Defense can provide you with representation if you have been accused of violating Nevada Revised Statute section 205.410 because you improperly used insignia.

We know Nevada laws on property crimes very well, and we can help you to protect your reputation and future by fighting charges or negotiating on your behalf to reduce charges or penalties in a favorable plea deal. To find out more about the personalized help we can offer, give us a call today.

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