Nevada Laws on Fraudulently Reselling Real Estate

Fraudulently selling real estate twiceIn Nevada, there are laws in place that are aimed at protecting the integrity of real estate transactions so buyers and sellers will understand clearly what their rights and obligations are.

One of these laws is a prohibition on fraudulently selling real estate twice. Fraudulently selling real estate twice could harm all buyers involved and could create substantial legal complications so defendants who engage in this behavior face serious penalties.

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Nevada Laws on Fraudulently Selling Real Estate Twice

Nevada laws on fraudulently selling real estate are found within Chapter 205 of Nevada’s penal code, which is the part of the penal code that imposes consequences for offenses that are classified as property crimes. Different subcategories of property crimes exist in Nevada’s penal code, and laws on fraudulent selling of real estate are found within the subcategory dealing with fraud and false personification.

Nevada Revised Statute section 205.365 is the part of Nevada’s penal code that a defendant can be charged with violating for fraudulently selling real estate multiple times. The statute defines the offense and imposes specific penalties upon a defendant who has been convicted.

According to N.R.S. 205.365, a person can be charged with fraudulently selling real estate twice if that person, after having sold, bartered or disposed of any land or lot, or any bond or agreement for the sale of land or lot, subsequently sells, barters, or disposes of the same lot, land, bond or agreement again.

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In order for a defendant to be charged and convicted under N.R.S. 205.365, a prosecutor would need to prove that the defendant knowingly sold, bartered, or disposed of the same land, lot, bond, or agreement more than once.

A defendant could, however, be charged for knowingly and fraudulently selling any part of the land a second time. A defendant can also be charged under any circumstances where he engages in the fraudulent sale of real estate twice in exchange for any valuable consideration.

Penalties vary depending upon the value of the property involved. If the property is valued at $650 or more, the defendant could be charged with a category C felony. This carries a lengthy prison sentence and leaves a defendant with a felony record. If the value of the property is less than $650, then the defendant could be charged with a misdemeanor offense.

Whether a defendant has been charged with a felony offense or a misdemeanor offense, the defendant will be required to pay restitution to victims who lost money as a result of the defendant fraudulently selling real estate twice.

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