Nevada Laws on Fraud and False Personation

Fraud and False PersonationIdentity theft and false impersonation are serious problems within the state of Nevada and the consequences of false personation can be far-reaching. Because these offenses can make a major impact on the lives of victims, the laws regarding false personation and criminal impersonation are harsh. Those who are accused of breaking these laws can face serious legal penalties if convicted and will likely have their future derailed by both the penalties and by the resulting criminal record after conviction.
Fraud is also a major issue, and any type of fraudulent behavior can result in harsh penalties because it is imperative that individuals and businesses are able to trust the honesty of people with him they have relationships. Nevada law has criminalized many different types of fraud, and consequences of conviction for fraud offenses can also be life-changing.
Because of the seriousness of charges and penalties that can result, it is important to respond assertively and aggressively if you have been accused of fraud or false personification. You need to work closely with a Nevada defense lawyer who understands the statutes that address fraud and false personification offenses so you will know what the evidence against you is, what a prosecutor would need to prove, and what defenses you can raise or arguments you can make to introduce reasonable doubt.
LV Criminal Defense is prepared and ready to go to court on your behalf so you can maximize the chances of acquittal. We have successfully represented many defendants accused of identity theft, various fraud offenses, false personification and related offenses and we know the law inside and out so we can put our extensive knowledge to work for you.
We can also help you to evaluate the charges against you and make an informed choice regarding when plea bargaining to face lesser charges or reduced penalties is the best course of action. If a plea deal could be your best chance at minimizing or avoiding serious penalties, we’ll negotiate on your behalf with prosecutors.
To find out more about all of the different services our Nevada defense team can provide to you, and to get help responding to accusations of fraud and false personation, you should give us a call today.

Nevada Laws on Fraud and False Personation

There is an entire chapter of Nevada’s penal code devoted to property crimes. That chapter is Ne-vada Revised Statute Chapter 205. Chapter 205 is further divided into different categories of offenses, and one such category relates to crimes considered to involve fraud or false personifica-tion.
The penal code statutes found within the fraud and false personification section of Chapter 205 include:
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.330– Fraudulent conveyances.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.335– Sale or removal of goods subject to security interest by debtor in possession without consent of secured party.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.340– Sale or creation of security interest in personal property subject to security interest or lien without informing purchaser or secured party.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.345– Destruction or removal of personal property upon which security interest or lease exists.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.350– Removal or sale of property to defraud creditors.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.355– Fraudulent sale or concealment of personal property after action commenced or judgment rendered.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.360– Knowingly receiving fraudulent conveyance.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.365– Fraudulently selling real estate twice.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.370- Swindling; credit by false representations.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.372– Mortgage lending fraud; penalties; civil action.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.375– False written statements to obtain property or credit.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.377– Multiple transactions involving fraud or deceit in course of enterprise or occupation; penalty.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.380– Obtaining money, property, rent or labor by false pretenses.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.390– Obtaining signature by false pretense.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.395– False representation concerning title; penalties; civil action.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.397– False representation concerning lien against property of public officer or employee, candidate for public office or participant in offi-cial proceeding or member of immediate family of such persons; penalties; civil action.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.400– Fraud by bailee of animal.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.405– Falsifying accounts.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.410– Improper use of insignia.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.412– Stolen valor.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.415– Collecting for benefit without authority.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.420– Use of false permit, license or writing.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.435– Fraudulent issue of stock.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.440– Publishing false statement to affect market price.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.445– Defrauding proprietor of hotel, inn, restaurant, motel or similar establishment.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.450– Personating another.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.455– Personating another same as stealing.
• Nevada Revised Statute section 205.460– Preparation, transfer or use of false identification regarding person under 21 years of age; penalties; demand of proof of age as defense to certain proceedings.
Each of these statutes defines a particular offense that is considered to be a fraud crime or a false personification crime.
The statutes define the specific nature of the offense so you will understand exactly what a prosecutor would need to prove for you to be convicted of a crime under Nevada’s penal code.
The statutes also impose penalties, which can be helpful in understanding what consequences you could face if convicted so you can make more informed choices when considering whether to plead guilty.

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Getting Help From a Nevada Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whenever you have been accused of violating a statute under Nevada’s penal code section related to fraud and false personification, LV Criminal Defense will stand up for your rights and help you to navigate the criminal justice system.
We are familiar with these laws, have a long and successful track record of helping clients to get acquittals, and are committed to advocating on your behalf to help you protect your future. To find out more abut how our Vegas defense lawyers can help you, give us a call today.