Vegas Criminal Lawyer Explains the Crime of Stolen Valor

Vegas Criminal Lawyer Explains the Crime of Stolen ValorIn the United States, members of the military are given certain honors including Congressional Medals of Honor and the Navy Cross. In some cases, these honors confer financial or other benefits upon recipients.

Because it is important to ensure that only legitimate recipients of these honors are entitled to the benefits that the honorific provides, Nevada actually has laws in place that make it a crime to pretend you have received honors you have not. This offense is referred to as stolen valor.

If you have been accused of stolen valor, you could be charged with a serious criminal offense. You could face penalties if convicted, and the accusations alone could result in damage to your reputation. You want to ensure you are proactive in responding to charges so you can resolve accusations quickly with the minimum of penalties and consequences — which makes it a smart move to reach out to a Vegas defense attorney familiar with laws on stolen valor as soon as you are accused of wrongdoing.

LV Criminal Defense is here to help. We have successfully represented many defendants accused of stolen valor offenses and we can work with you to craft a response to charges that are aimed at getting charges dropped, getting acquitted, or negotiating a favorable plea agreement if avoiding a guilty verdict is unlikely.

You should give us a call as soon as you have been accused of stolen valor or a related offense and we will be there for you throughout the entirety of your involvement with the criminal justice system. Reach out today for personalized advice on how we can help you.

Nevada Laws on Stolen Valor

Stolen valor is considered to be a type of fraud under Nevada law. As such, the statute prohibiting stolen valor is found in the fraud and false personification subsection of Chapter 205 of Nevada’s penal code. Chapter 205 of the penal code is the part of the state’s penal code that defines all different sorts of property offenses ranging from fraud to theft and beyond.

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The statute addressing stolen valor is Nevada Revised Statute section 205.412. According to the relevant statute, a defendant can be convicted of stolen valor if the defendant fraudulently presents himself or herself as a recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross, the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross, the Air Force Cross, a Silver Star, a Purple Heart, a Combat Action Badge, or other specific military badge or honor listed within the astute such as a combat medical badge or action ribbon.

In order for a defendant to be convicted of this offense, the defendant must have presented himself as a recipient of one of these military honors knowingly, with the intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefits. The defendant must have also obtained the money, property or other benefits as a result of the false representation.

If a defendant is found guilty of this offense, the defendant will be convicted of a gross misdemeanor offense. This is a more serious crime than a simple misdemeanor and a defendant could face jail time and a criminal record that damages future opportunities.

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Getting Help From Vegas Defense Attorneys

Vegas criminal defense lawyers at LV Criminal Defense are familiar with the provisions of Nevada Revised Statute section 205.412 and are ready to help you to fight conviction or to negotiate the best possible plea agreement possible.

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