Vegas Criminal Lawyer Defines Crime of Living Off Prostitution

Living from earnings of prostitute; penalty.In the state of Las Vegas, prostitution is a crime that occurs when an individual engages in, or offers to engage in, any type of sexual conduct for money or items of value. Prostitution is considered to be a crime against public decency and good morality, so offenses related to prostitution are found within Chapter 201 of Title 15 which is the part of Nevada’s code detailing immoral behavior that rises to the level of criminal conduct.

It is not only prostitutes and those who solicit sexual intercourse who can be charged with prostitution related offenses under the prostitution subsection of Chapter 201 of Title 15 of Nevada’s code. There are many different kinds of behavior that are illegal under Nevada law that relate to prostitution. One type of illegal behavior is defined in Nevada Revised Statute section 201.320, which is the offense related to living from the earnings of prostitution.

If you are accused of living off the earnings of prostitution, you face serious penalties and you need to get legal help fighting the charges that could derail your future. LV Criminal Defense can provide the representation and advocacy you need. Give us a call today to talk with a Vegas criminal lawyer at our firm about how we can help you to fight charges connected to prostitution crimes.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 201.320: Living from the Earnings of a Prostitute

According to Nevada Revised Statute section 201.320, a defendant can be convicted of a criminal offense for living from the earnings of prostitution if that individual knowingly accepts, receives, levies, or appropriates any money or any other valuable thing without consideration from the proceeds of any person who is making money by acting as a prostitute. Consideration is a bargained for exchange of something of value.

If a defendant is found to have taken money or any other items of value from a prostitute, that individual can be convicted of a Category D felony, according to N.R.S. 201.320. A felony is the most serious of all criminal offenses and defendants with felony convictions can face lengthy jail sentences and can have their rights impacted permanently as a result of their felony record.

The law in N.R.S. 201.320 makes clear that when a defendant accepts, receives, levies, or appropriates money or other valuable items from the earnings of a prostitute, this is sufficient to create the presumption that there was a lack of consideration. In other words, a prosecutor does not have to specifically prove that you did not give the prostitute anything of value in exchange for taking money from the prostitute. The very fact that you took money or other items from the prostitute creates the presumption that you did so without giving consideration and you will have to rebut that presumption to introduce reasonable doubt about whether you committed this particular element of the crime.

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Getting Help from a Vegas Criminal Lawyer

A Vegas criminal lawyer at LV Criminal Defense can help you to understand exactly what a prosecutor has to prove in order for you to be convicted of living from the earnings of prostitution under Nevada Revised Statute section 201.320. An experienced attorney can also help you to determine whether you have defenses available to you or whether you can introduce reasonable doubt as to your guilt so you can avoid conviction for this serious felony offense.

You should reach out to an experienced attorney as soon as you have been accused of any involvement with prostitution, as most types of behaviors connected to prostitution are unlawful in the state of Nevada. A compassionate and knowledgeable member of our legal team will fight for your rights throughout your entire involvement with the criminal justice system and will help you to get the best outcomes possible. To find out more about how our firm can help you, give us a call today.