Vegas Defense Lawyer Explains Keeping Disorderly House

Vegas Defense Lawyer Explains Keeping Disorderly HouseIn the state of Nevada, there are certain laws found in Chapter 201 of Title 15 that criminalized behavior that is considered to be against public decency and good morals. Title 15 is the state’s penal code, and Chapter 210 is divided into different subsections each of which address different types of indecent or immoral acts that have been made illegal.

One of the subsections of Chapter 201 relates to prostitution offenses and criminalizes different types of conduct in connection with prostitution, including engaging in prostitution outside of a licensed house of prostitution, soliciting a prostitute, making a living off of earnings from prostitution or pandering including causing someone to become a prostitute.

Among the offenses found within the prostitution subsection of Chapter 201 is a law prohibiting the keeping of a disorderly house. If you are found to violate this law, you could face criminal prosecution and could potentially be sentenced to a term of incarceration upon conviction.

You want to defend yourself from charges and reduce the likelihood that you will be found guilty if you’ve been accused of keeping a disorderly house so you should reach out to a Vegas criminal defense attorney for help as soon as possible when you’ve been arrested or when you have come under investigation for wrongdoing. LV Criminal Defense has provided representation to many defendants accused of prostitution related crimes and other offenses found within Chapter 201 and we can represent you as you fight charges. Give us a call today to find out more about how our Nevada defense law firm can help you.

Nevada Revised Statute section 201.420: Keeping a Disorderly House

The offense is keeping a disorderly house is established in Nevada Revised Statute section 201.420. According to the relevant statute, a defendant can be convicted of keeping a disorderly house if the individual operates a disorderly house or any house of public resort that cause the peace, comfort, or decency of the immediate neighborhood to be disturbed on a regular basis.

In addition, any person who keeps a disorderly house or a public house that causes any family within the immediate neighborhood to have their peace habitually disturbed can also be convicted of an offense under N.R.S. 201.420.

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N.R.S. 201.420 also stipulates that a person who keeps any inn in a disorderly manner can also be convicted of a criminal offense under the same statute.

A defendant who engages in any of the behaviors connected with keeping a disorderly house that are prohibited in N.R.S. 201.420 will be found guilty of a misdemeanor offense if convicted. A misdemeanor is not as serious as a felony offense, or even a gross misdemeanor. However, it is still a criminal offense, which means that conviction could still result in a defendant being sentenced to incarceration and conviction could still result in the defendant having a permanent criminal record going forward.

Getting Help from a Vegas Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of keeping a disorderly house and you hope to either avoid conviction or reduce the possible penalties that you could face if found guilty, you should reach out to Vegas defense lawyers who can provide you with representation and advice.

LV Criminal Defense can fight on your behalf for an acquittal or can help you to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecutor assigned to your case with the goal of helping you to secure reduced penalties or with the goal of helping you to be faced with a lesser charge in exchange for admitting guilt. To find out more about how our firm can help you to develop and carry out a legal strategy aimed at avoiding or reducing consequences associated with a charge of keeping a disorderly house, give us a call today.

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