Misappropriation and falsification of accounts by public officer

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The state of Nevada has put laws in place designed to protect funds that should belong to the public and the state treasury. Conduct that jeopardizes the security of public money, including stealing public funds, has been made illegal in Chapter 204 of Title 15. Title 15 is the state of Nevada’s penal code, and Chapter 204 is the penal code section detailing crimes against the revenue and property of the state.

There are many different kinds of criminal behavior defined within Chapter 204 that related to theft or misappropriation of public funds. Among the criminal behavior prohibited by chapter 204 is the crime of misappropriation and falsification of accounts by public officers.

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Nevada Revised Statute Section 204.030: Misappropriation and Falsification of Accounts by Public Officer

The offense is misappropriation and falsification of accounts by a public officer is defined in Nevada Revised Statute section 204.030. According to the relevant law, the offense can be committed by any public officer or by any person who receives money on behalf of, on account of, or for the state. It can also be committed by a person who receives money on behalf of, or account of, any department of the state government, or any bureau or fund that was created by law that the state has a direct or indirect interest in. Finally, the offense can be committed by any public officer or person who receives money on behalf of, on account of, or for a city, county, town, municipal corporation, school, or district.

A public official or person subject to the provisions of N.R.S. 204.030 can be convicted of an offense of misappropriation and falsification of accounts by knowingly keeping a false account; by making a false entry; or by making a false erasure in connection with any money that is received.

A public official or other person subject to the rules of this statute could also be charged for fraudulently altering, falsifying, concealing, destroying or obliterating the public accounts, or for willfully omitting or refusing to pay over to the county, city, town, school, or other government entity any money that the entity is entitled to demand or received, or that was paid to the official in order to pay over to the government.

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A violation of this statute could result in misdemeanor charges if the amount of money involved is less than $250. However, if the amount of money that was misappropriated or the amount of money affected by the falsified accounts is valued at $250 or more, the public official or other party subject to N.R.S. 204.030 could be charged with a Category D felony. Felony offenses are very serious and can have profound consequences, including the potential for a lengthy prison term as well as a substantial future impact on career prospects.

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Whether you are accused of a misdemeanor or a felony crime for misappropriation and falsification of accounts as a public officer, it is imperative that you get legal help as soon as you have been accused of wrongdoing. Experienced Nevada criminal defense attorneys can assist you in protecting your rights throughout criminal proceedings and can help you to take proactive steps to try to avoid being convicted of a serious criminal offense. To find out more about how LV Criminal Defense can put our legal skills to work on your behalf, give us a call today.

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