A Las Vegas Defense Lawyer unveils What Form a Warrant Takes in Nevada NRS 173.185

After an indictment has been handed down or an information filed with the court, a District Attorney or an Attorney General has the authority to ask the court to issue a warrant for your arrest. At the discretion of the DA or the AG, a summons may be issued instead of a warrant.  A summons may also be issued based upon the court’s direction.

When a summons is issued for you and you are served with it, you must respond to it. You should ensure you understand what the summons means for your future involvement with the criminal justice system and you should be prepared to respond strategically to the summons.  Nicholas Wooldridge helps many clients who have been accused of wrong doing and who have either received a summons or who have been taken into custody because there was a warrant issued for arrest. Our criminal defense firm in Las Vegas understands the options available to you and can help you to choose the best strategy aimed at getting you the most favorable outcome possible in light of your circumstances. Call us as soon as you are served with a summons to learn details about how we can help you.

Rules for a Summons in Las Vegas

When a summons is issued, it is issued by the clerk of the court and it must be served by an authorized party, like a peace officer. When you receive a summons, it must meet certain requirements. Nevada Revised Statute section 173.185 details the form that the summons needs to take. According to N.R.S. 173.185, the summons has to take the same basic form as a warrant does. It needs to include your name, the date of the summons, and the detailed location where the summons was issued.  The summons has to be signed by the clerk. It also has to provide detailed information on the charges that are being faced after an indictment was handed down or information filed by the court, and it needs to provide the time and place where you must go to court to respond to accusations against you.

The information contained within the summons will prove invaluable as you determine how best to respond to accusations since the summons lets you know the details about what wrongs you have been accused of committing.

You must ensure that you are prepared to fight the accusations so you can avoid penalties. It is also absolutely imperative to follow the instructions in the summons and to go to the designated court location at the appointed time and on the appointed date. If a summons is issued and you do not show up at the court proceedings as required by the summons, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and you will be taken into custody and kept in custody unless and until you can make bail.  You don’t want to find yourself spending time behind bars for not responding to the summons, especially since you will eventually need to respond to the accusations against you that led to the summons being issued in the first place.

Getting Help from a Las Vegas Criminal lawyer

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