A Vegas Defense Attorney descibes Rules for Bail for Felonies in Nevada NRS 173.175

After a warrant has been issued for your arrest, you will be taken into police custody. You’ll have to respond to the charges you face and must navigate the criminal justice system until you resolve the charges. You could resolve the charges by getting them dismissed, by a plea deal, or by going to court where a jury enters a verdict.  The process of going to court, or even the process of negotiating a plea deal, can take time. Sometimes, court cases take weeks, months, or years depending upon the complexity of the charges. During the time after a warrant is issued but before your case is resolved, you do not want to be forced to stay in police custody.  The good news is, usually you do not have to stay in custody because a bail amount is set and you can pay bail and remain free until trial.

The rules for the amount of bail to be set can be complicated. You should have a Las Vegas defense lawyer who can help you to understand how bail is set and who can assist you in arguing for a bail that is payable for you. LV Criminal Defense works hard to keep all of our clients out of jail, not just after the trial is over but also before a trial begins. Give us a call right away when a warrant is issued for your arrest so we can try to ensure you spend limited or no time in custody at all.

Nevada Rules for Increased Bail

When you make an appearance before a court to answer charges against you, the court can set bail.  Once you have paid the bail and been released, it is natural to assume that the issue of bail has been resolved and you will remain free pending the final outcome of your case. However, this is not actually true in every circumstance.

Nevada Revised Statute 173.175 allows a court to order a defendant into custody unless and until the defendant gives an increased amount of bail money. A required increase in bail is permissible when a defendant has been charged with a felony offense and when the initial amount of bail was set before an information or indictment was filed with the court.  Once an information or an indictment is pending or is presented to the court, the court can order the defendant into actual custody unless and until increased bail is paid. The order commanding the defendant be taken into actual custody should specify the increased amount of bail required of the defendant before release.

Getting Legal Help

Being ordered to pay increased bail is not pleasant, especially if you believe you had already resolved the issue of bail.  It is also very upsetting to discover that a grand jury has handed down an indictment or that an information has been submitted to the court indicating there is probable cause to move forward with felony charges against you.

You need to be prepared to respond to the request for increased bail as well as prepared to start dealing in a strategic way with your felony charges. LV Criminal Defense is a trusted Las Vegas defense firm that has helped many clients facing felonies. We understand the seriousness of a felony conviction, as well as the common tactics used by prosecutors to try to secure a guilty verdict.

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Because we have represented defendants accused of many different kinds of felony offenses, we are uniquely qualified to deal not only with issues of increased bail but also to deal with negotiating a plea deal or fighting to avoid conviction.  Give us a call to learn more about all of the ways we can assist you when there are felony charges on the line.