A Nevada Defense attorney Explains Bribery Crimes

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Executive and administrative branch employees and elected officials are held to a sacred public trust. These officials must act in accordance with the public good and must comply with their obligations in their official positions. If they fail to follow the law, they can face serious consequences. Chapter 197 of Title 15 of Nevada’s criminal code details crimes committed by and against the executive branch, and imposes harsh penalties on those who are found liable for breaking the law.

One offense made illegal in Chapter 197 is the offense of bribery of executive or administrative officers. Both the executive officer and anyone accused of bribery could be charged with a criminal offense under statutes found in Chapter 197.

If you are accused of involvement with a bribery offense, you could face life-changing penalties and your reputation as a public figure could be irreparably damaged. You need to assertively, aggressively defend your good name to protect your career and your freedom. LV Criminal Defense can help. Our legal team works closely with executives and administrative officers who have been accused of bribery, as well as with those accused of bribing officials.

Bribery offenses can be complicated to prosecute, and you do not have to prove your innocence – it is enough to introduce doubt about your guilt. Our Las Vegas defense lawyers will help you to determine the best course of action for responding to bribery charges and will fight vigorously on your behalf to ensure you can resolve claims made against you as quickly and quietly as possible while minimizing or avoiding penalties. Give us a call today to find out more about the help we can offer and to get a legal advocate on your side.

Bribery of Executive or Administrative Officers in Nevada

According to Nevada Revised Statute section 197.010, it is unlawful to bribe an executive or an administrative officer. Any person who gives a bribe, offers a bribe, or promises a bribe could be found guilty under the relevant statute, regardless of whether the executive or administrative officer actually takes the bribe. The bribe could take any form, including direct or indirect enrichment of the administrative or executive officer. The bribe could consist of compensation, gratuity, or any other type of reward.

In order for a defendant to be found guilty of bribery, the promise, offer, or gift of money, gratuity or reward must have been made with the intent to influence the officer in connection with some action. The goal may have been to influence the officer in connection with a decision, vote, opinion, or any other proceeding or action the administrator takes.

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If a defendant is found guilty, the defendant will be convicted of a Category C felony. Category C felonies can carry a lengthy prison term along with a large fine and other serious penalties. A felony conviction, in-and-of-itself is a punishment because of the impact your felony record has on your job or on your future rights.

It is not only the person offering bribes who is punished, either. N.R.S. 197.030 makes it a Category C felony for an executive or administrative officer to ask for or receive a bribe.

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If you are accused of bribing an official who is considered an administrative officer or executive officer, you should take legal action. LV Criminal Defense can provide you with assistance in fighting against these serious accusations so you can reduce the chances you will be found guilty of breaking the law. You should give us a call today to talk with a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas, NV to find out more about how we can help you.

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