Vegas Criminal Attorney Explains Appropriation of Property

Property owners have legal rights which must be respected, including the right to keep their possessions. Individuals, businesses, and government entities all enjoy property rights and those who interfere with those rights could be charged with criminal offenses.

For example, if a public officer unlawfully appropriates money or property, or attempts to do so, that public officer could be charged with a serious crime and could face legal penalties. If you are a public officer and you find yourself facing charges for a crime related to appropriation of property, you should work with an experienced attorney as soon as you are under investigation or as soon as you have been arrested.

LV Criminal Defense can carefully evaluate the evidence that you acted unlawfully and can assist you in developing the soundest possible legal strategy for responding to criminal charges. Our legal team can help you to try to get charges dropped, get acquitted, or negotiate a plea deal so you can reduce the severity of the charges that you are facing. Just give us a call to find out about how our firm can help you and to speak with a Las Vegas defense attorney about the personalized assistance we can offer with your specific situation.

Definition of Fraudulent Appropriation of Property Under Nevada Law

Nevada Revised Statute section 197.120 defines the crime of fraudulent appropriation of property. The offense involves an officer who fraudulently takes any money, any property, or any evidence of debt. The officer must have taken property or other items of value which were entrusted to him as a result of his public office, in order to be charged under this offense. There are different offenses for circumstances in which someone has fraudulently taken property not belonging to him when the defendant isn’t a public officer.

If a public officer takes money, evidence of debt, or property entrusted to him because of his office, he could be successfully charged with fraudulent appropriation of property as long as there is evidence that the public officer intended to use the money or property for his own use or for the use of another person.

A public officer convicted of fraudulent appropriation of property will face penalties of varying severity depending upon the value of the misappropriated money or property. If the public officer diverted $250 or more in money, property or other items valuable to himself, then the public officer could be found guilty of a Category D felony and could be potentially sentenced to jail time, among other consequences. The public officer who fraudulently appropriated property and who is found guilty will also have to make restitution.

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If the public officer is found guilty of appropriating property worth less than $250, the charge is a misdemeanor charge. Restitution is still required and there is still the possibility of incarceration.

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A Las Vegas criminal lawyer at LV Criminal Defense will aggressively fight for your rights and your future if you have been accused of fraudulent appropriation of property. You should take prompt action to talk with an experienced attorney if you have been accused of misappropriating property.

There are different options for responding to charges, including trying to negotiate a plea deal to face lesser penalties; trying to get charges dropped before trial due to lack of evidence or other related issues; or trying to secure a not guilty verdict in court. LV Criminal Defense can help with choosing which option is most likely to give you the most favorable possible outcome in your criminal case. Call today to talk with a Vegas defense lawyer to find out more.

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