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False report by public officerWhen you are a public officer, you are in a position of tremendous trust. Your word carries a lot of weight, and you are asked to submit official reports about a wide variety of different issues that can affect people’s lives. Your utmost honesty is vital to ensuring that accurate information is presented on reports and documents and you must act with integrity when submitting any type of information in connection with your duties.

In some circumstances, however, public officials are accused of violating their obligations to make honest reports and submit true statement and accurate documents. When a public officer willfully submits a false report, this is not just a paperwork error. Under laws set forth in Nevada’s criminal code, it can actually be a crime.

If you are a public official and you are accused of breaking the law because you submitted a false report, you need to aggressively defend your interests to protect your reputation and career and to avoid a conviction for a criminal offense for which you could potentially be sent to jail. Las Vegas defense attorneys can help you to fight the serious accusations against you, with the goal of avoiding conviction, resolving the case as quickly as possible, and allowing you to move on with your life.

LV Criminal Defense has provided representation to many defendants accused of making false reports while serving in a public position. If you are accused of wrongdoing and you want help from a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney who will aggressively fight for your future, give us a call today.

Nevada Laws on False Reports by Officers

Nevada Revised Statute section 197.130 is the statute that defines the crime related to false reports by public officers. According to N.R.S. 197.130, any public officer who knowingly makes false statements or misleading statements in official reports or in official statements is guilty of a gross misdemeanor offense.

N.R.S. 197.130 makes clear that an officer can be found guilty of this crime and face gross misdemeanor charges only if the officer has made his false reports under circumstances that are not otherwise prohibited by law. If an officer made a false report as part of a different criminal act, then the officer may be charged with a different offense.

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For example, if a public officer submits false statements or a false report in order to pay a claim which was not a legitimate claim, then the officer could be charged instead with an offense under N.R.S. 197.150, which is a crime related to the false payment of a claim. Depending upon the value of the claim the officer improperly paid, the officer could be charged with a felony offense, which is a more serious crime.

There are many circumstances under which public officers can be charged with various offenses for submitting false reports or for submitting false information. If you are accused of willfully providing inaccurate information in any capacity while serving the public, you should talk with Las Vegas defense lawyers about the nature of the charges brought against you, about possible penalties, and about how you can defend yourself from charges.

Contact a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer if You’re Accused of False Reports

A Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer can provide you with help defending yourself if you are accused of making a false report or if you are otherwise accused of violating the law in connection with your official duties. LV Criminal Defense has represented many public servants accused of wrongdoing. Our compassionate and knowledgeable legal team can fight on your behalf to protect your reputation and future in public service while working to ensure you earn an acquittal or at least reduce the charges and penalties you could face. To find out more about how our firm can help you to fight charges, give us a call today.

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