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Public officers must do their jobs with the utmost of integrity in Nevada, as these officers provide important services and should be focused on doing good for the public within the parameters of their official duties. Any attempts to sway these public officers through illicit means – like offering bribes — is considered to be a criminal act that carries potentially severe penalties.

LV Criminal Defense can provide help to those accused of bribery of public officers. We represent individuals and companies accused of offering bribes as well as public officials who are accused of requesting or accepting a bribe. We fight aggressively to help you get charges dropped or to help you to get your case resolved as quickly and quietly as possible with the most favorable possible outcome.

The goal of our Nevada defense team is to help you to protect your reputation, career, and freedom and we have the legal knowledge and skill to help you put together the right legal strategies to reduce the impact of bribery accusations. To find out more about how our firm can help you, give us a call today.

Bribery of Public Officers Explained by Las Vegas Defense Lawyers

Nevada Revised Statute section 197.020 details the offense of bribery of other public officials. It is a separate offense from bribery of administrative or executive officials. It applies to the bribery of other types of officials who work within the public sector.

According to N.R.S. 197.020, it is unlawful to give, offer, or promise items of value to a person executing functions of a public officer with the goal of influencing that public officer on how he performs his powers or functions. Items of value are defined in the statute to include direct compensation, gratuities or rewards. In other words, it is crime to offer, promise, or give money, property, or any rewards, to someone who is working in a public position with the goal of influencing that persons’ actions.

Anyone who violates the provisions set forth in N.R.S. 197.020 and tries to use bribery to induce a public official to act can be convicted of a category C felony. This is a serious offense, as a felony conviction can mean jail time and can make it difficult for you to find jobs in the future. It is important to note that you do not actually have to successfully bribe a public official in order to be convicted of this particular offense. The public official does not have to accept the bribe. Merely making the offer or trying to bribe an official is still considered to be a felony offense.

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A public official who asks for or who accepts a bribe can also face criminal punishment if convicted. However, public officials who accept bribes are charged with an offense under N.R.S. 197.040, which is the statute that relates to asking or receiving bribes by public employees. Under N.R.S. 197.040, a public officer who requests or accepts a bribe is also guilty of a category C felony offense.

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A Nevada criminal attorney at LV Criminal Defense can provide representation if you have been accused of bribing a public officer. If you are a public officer and you have been accused of bribery, we are also here to provide help. Your career and future could be derailed by the mere accusations of impropriety, so it is important to reach out to our legal team as soon as possible when you come under investigation for breaking laws against bribery. Give us a call today learn more about how a defense lawyer in Nevada can help you.

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