Nevada Defense Lawyers Explain Rules on Rewards for Appointments

Nevada Defense LawyersAppointments to clerkship or other public service positions should be made available based on merit to qualified candidates. It is important to avoid corruption in the appointment process, so the state of Nevada makes it a crime to offer a reward in exchange for an appointment. Both a person seeking an appointment who offers an award and a public official who accepts or requests an award, could be convicted of a serious criminal offense.

If you are accused of offering, soliciting, or accepting rewards for appointments, it is imperative that you work with an experienced attorney to take action and defend your good name. A Las Vegas defense attorney who has handled similar cases can provide you with assistance in developing a sound legal strategy for getting charges dropped, maximizing the chances of acquittal, or negotiating a favorable plea deal to reduce penalties.

LV Criminal Defense has provided representation to many defendants in connection with crimes committed by and against the executive power of the state. We can put our legal knowledge and acumen to work to help you fight against accusations that you offered a reward for an appointment or that you accepted or solicited such an award. To find out more about the assistance we can offer in fighting serious charges, give us a call today.

The Crime of Offering a Reward for an Appointment

Nevada Revised Statute 197.080 defines the crime of offering a reward for an appointment. According to the relevant statute, it is unlawful for a person to give, offer or promise compensation, gratuity or rewards in exchange for that person being appointed to a public office or a clerkship.

The statute makes clear that such offers or promises can be made directly or can be made indirectly. It also makes clear that the prohibition applies to a broad range of positions for which someone could be appointed. It applies to any public office, clerkship, deputation, or any subordinate position that would provide the authority or privilege to perform any duties of public office or to receive any emolument of public office.

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N.R.S. 197.080 also prohibits giving, promising, or offering items of value in exchange for someone else being appointed. For example, it would be illegal for someone to make a promise or gift or offer in exchange for his son or daughter being appointed to a clerkship.

A violation of this law, which could include offering or promising something in exchange for the appointment of a particular person to any public office, is considered to be a gross misdemeanor. Penalties could include a term of incarceration and fines, among other potential consequences associated with offering items of value in exchange for appointments.

Public officers could also face criminal charges if they accept gifts or other valuable assets or promises in exchange for appointing a particular desired person to a public service position.

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If you are charged with a gross misdemeanor, your life could be changed in profound ways. You do not want to face these serious charges and the threat of possible incarceration and fines. You also don’t want your good name and reputation ruined as a result of accusations that you offered or accepted a reward for an appointment.

You should work with Las Vegas defense lawyers to find ways to fight the charges against you. At LV Criminal Defense, our goal is to get you the best outcome possible from your case, whether that’s a dismissal, an acquittal or a favorable plea deal.

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