Vegas Defense Lawyer Explains the Misconduct of Public Officer

Public OfficerPublic officers are expected to behave scrupulously when it comes to carrying out their official duties and avoiding the appearance of impropriety. If a public officer engages in certain behaviors that are considered to be corrupt, that individual could be charged with a serious felony offense.

When you are serving the public, even an accusation of wrongdoing could be damaging to your career prospects. You want to do everything possible to reduce the chances that you will be arrested for misconduct if you come under investigation and you want to respond smartly to charges if you have been accused of misconduct. You should reach out to a Las Vegas defense attorney for help as soon as possible when you are charged to get the advice that you need to respond assertively and aggressively to accusations made against you.

LV Criminal Defense has provided representation to many public officials who have been accused of wrongdoing. We will work hard to fight the charges you are facing and to resolve your case as quickly and quietly as possible so you can protect your reputation and career. We help you to develop a sound legal strategy aimed at earning an acquittal or reducing penalties you could face, so you should give us a call as soon as you are under investigation to find out about the help we can offer in protecting your good name and your future.

Nevada Law Defines Misconduct of Public Officer

Chapter 197 of Nevada’s criminal code sets forth the definitions of crimes that are related to public officers. There are many different specific offenses that a public official can be charged with, such as soliciting or accepting bribes. There is also a general offense that covers a wide variety of situations where a public official abuses his position. Nevada Revised Statute section 197.110 is the general offense of misconduct of public officer.

According to N.R.S. 197.110, any public officer who asks for or receives any compensation, gratuity, reward, or promise of reward in exchange for altering his public service can be found guilty of a crime. The public officer can be found guilty if he accepts rewards, or promises of rewards, in exchange for omitting or deferring the performance of his official duties. He can also be charged with a crime if he accepts rewards or promises of rewards for any official services which he doesn’t actually render, with the exception of situations where the officer charges for fees demandable in advance.

A public officer can also be found guilty of a crime under N.R.S. 197.110 if the officer employs or uses money, people or property that was under his control, under his direction, or in his custody for private gain.

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When a public officer takes money or other rewards for acting or omitting to act, or when he takes money or property under his control in an official capacity for private gain, the officer can be charged with a Category E felony. A felony offense is a serious crime for which the public officer could face jail time, large fines, and other harsh penalties if convicted.

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