Las Vegas Crimina Attorney Nick Wooldridge Unveils a Jury’s Right to See Plea Deals in Nevada N.R.S. 174.061

Prosecutors are routinely willing to make deals with people accused of violating the law, so they can present testimony to help the prosecutor secure other convictions. For example, a prosecutor might make a deal with a street-level drug dealer to provide information on a supplier who is trafficking in drugs. The street-level dealer will testify and provide evidence used to get a conviction for the supplier. The prosecutor can make deals with co-conspirators who are accused of being involved with the same criminal offense, or can make a deal with someone who simply has knowledge of other criminal matters.

When a prosecutor makes a deal with one defendant in order to convict another, this can sometimes raise concerns about the motivation and honesty of the person who is providing the testimony in trial. Nevada law allows a jury to examine plea agreements made under these circumstances so the jury will have additional information necessary to help determine the level of credibility to give o the witness who testified.

A Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer can provide assistance in situations where a defendant is on trial and someone else is testifying against him in exchange for a plea deal. LV Criminal Defense can help to undermine the credibility of the witness under these circumstances in order to try to introduce reasonable doubt that could lead to an acquittal. Call as soon as possible to get help when someone is testifying against you and you are faced with charges.

Nevada Rules for Testimony and Plea Deals

Within its code of criminal procedure, Nevada law sets forth some guidelines for what happens when a prosecutor makes a plea deal with a defendant in exchange for the defendant providing testimony against someone else who is being charged with a criminal offense.

According to N.R.S. 175.282, the jury has the right to inspect an agreement which prosecutors make with a defendant in which the defendant agrees to testify against someone else. The jury has the right to see the agreement, as long as the defendant and prosecutor made the deal for testimony in exchange for a guilty plea; a no contest plea; a plea of mental illness; a reduced sentence recommendation, or an agreement by a prosecutor to reduce charges to a lesser charge. The court can excise any portions of the plea agreement deemed irrelevant or prejudicial before giving the agreement to the jury for inspection.

If a defendant who is testifying hasn’t yet been sentenced pursuant to an agreement with a prosecutor or has not yet entered a plea, the court can instruct the jury about the possible pressure on the defendant.

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The defense counsel must also be provided with the opportunity to cross examine the defendant about the agreement which has been made with the prosecutor.

Getting Help from a Nevada Defense Lawyer

If you are charged with a crime, LV Criminal Defense can help you to explore whether you could potentially avoid criminal penalties or charges by testifying against co-conspirators or others who you have information about.

We can also provide assistance when someone is testifying against you in exchange for a deal with prosecutors. It is common to undermine the credibility of witness testimony that is provided under these circumstances, and you need to present compelling evidence to the jury about why the testimony shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Give us a call today to talk with a Las Vegas defense lawyer and to find out more about how you can introduce doubt and aim for an acquittal when you are faced with criminal charges in Nevada.

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