Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer Nick Wooldridge Unveils the Acquittal Statute in Nevada

When you are charged with a crime, the best case scenario is for an attorney to help you to get the charges against you dismissed as early as possible in the process.

If your attorney can get evidence suppressed because it was illegally collected, there may not be enough evidence for a case to go forward against you and the prosecutor could drop the charges.

Your attorney can also file a motion to dismiss if there are problems with the prosecutor’s case such as a lack of probable cause to move forward. The court will sometimes grant such a motion, either before a trial begins or when the prosecutor has presented the case and before the defense begins presenting evidence.

While getting charges dropped can be the ideal option so you don’t have to go through the stress of a full trial and the jury handing down a verdict, this is not often what happens in a criminal case. Instead, if you do not plead guilty, your case will usually end up going through a trial. Once you’ve gone to trial and the case has gone to a jury, acquittal is the best case scenario. Acquittal means the jury has found you not guilty of the offenses that you have been accused of. You will not have a record of a conviction, nor will you face any additional penalties after an acquittal.

Las Vegas defense attorneys will work hard to try to help you to get an acquittal so you can walk away from the criminal proceedings without a black mark on your name or consequences to face. The sooner you speak with a legal professional who has knowledge of Nevada’s laws on criminal justice, the stronger the case you can put together to try for a not guilty verdict. Your attorney should also help you understand exactly what the impact is of an acquittal under the criminal code.

LV Criminal Defense is committed to helping every defendant to fight for an acquittal, no matter how serious the charges are against you. We want you to get the best outcome you can and we are not afraid to go to court and advocate for you if this is the best strategic approach to your case.

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The Rules for Acquittal Under Nevada Law

Nevada has a section of its code which specifically relates to trial procedure. Within this section of the code of criminal procedure, there are statutes that set forth the rules for an acquittal. These statutes are found within Nevada Revised Statues sections 175.539, N.R.S. 175.541, and N.R.S. 175.543.

  • R.S. 175.539 provides details on what happens when a defendant is acquitted because he was found to be insane at the time that the offense was committed. The defendant has to be taken into protective custody, an examination by two psychiatrists and/or psychologists must be conducted, and the defendant’s mental state must be determined. The examining advisors must present information in an open court, and they can be cross-examined. If the court finds that the person has no mental illness any more, the person must be discharged. If the defendant is still mentally ill, he must be committed.
  • R.S. 175.541 details the rules for discharge of a defendant after an acquittal.
  • R.S. 175.543 provides information on the required details the court has to give the defendant about getting his record sealed. The court has to provide the defendant with written notice related to getting records sealed.

Your lawyer can help you to understand the implications of your acquittal and can help you to take the next steps to move on after the end of your trial.

What Happens After an Acquittal

An acquittal is a joyous occasion because it means that the threat of a criminal conviction is no longer hanging over your head.  Double jeopardy rules apply to protect you, so you can rest assured that you will face no further threat of criminal prosecution based on the circumstances that had resulted in the charges you faced.  At this occasion, it is time to feel relief that the outcome of your case was a positive one, but it is also time to begin to pick up the pieces of your life.

One of the things you may wish to consider is trying to get your records expunged after an acquittal. If you do not want the record of your arrest and the charges you faced to be visible on every background check and to every potential landlord and employer, you need to ask your attorney if expungement or getting your records sealed is a possibility.

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You can also consider whether you were wrongfully prosecuted and wish to take any legal action on the basis of the treatment you received within the criminal justice system.   An experienced attorney can provide you with guidance on the next steps to take.

Getting Help from a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you want to fight for an acquittal, you need to have an experienced lawyer representing you who understands how to make strategic choices on building a defense. Your attorney should be prepared to investigate the facts and evidence against you, to interview witnesses, to find experts, and to do everything else necessary to give you the best chance to fight a guilty verdict.

Nick Wooldridge, founder of LV Criminal Defense, is a trusted provider of criminal defense services in Las Vegas and surrounding areas because of our legal skills and abilities and because of our absolute commitment to working hard as dedicated advocates for our clients.

From the moment you contact us and get representation, our legal team will look out for your interests and help to navigate the criminal justice process. Give us a call today to find out more about how an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can help you.