Nevada Defense Attorney Defines Weapon Possession Crimes

Possession of dangerous weaponAlthough the Second Amendment enshrines your right to a gun in the U.S. Constitution, Nevada and the federal government have imposed limits on weapons. There are also certain types of behavior in connection with weapons that the state or federal government has criminalized. Nevada defines weapons offenses in Chapter 202 of Title 15, which is the part of Nevada’s penal code that establishes definitions of and imposes penalties for crimes against public health and safety.

The prohibited behaviors in connection with weapons establish circumstances when you cannot have weapons, such as when you are intoxicated. The laws in Chapter 202 also impose limitations on places where you are permitted to have weapons. One such law is Nevada Revised Statute section 202.265, which makes it a crime to possess a weapons in certain locations where there are schools.

If you are accused of violating N.R.S. 202.265 by having a weapon where you shouldn’t, or if you are accused of any offense related to weapons possession and use, you should contact a Nevada criminal defense attorney at LV Criminal Defense. Our dedicated and experienced legal team can fight to help you avoid conviction or reduce the likelihood that conviction could lead to serious criminal penalties including potential jail time. To find out more about the ways in which our firm can help you, give us a call today.

Nevada Revised Statute 202.265: Possession of Dangerous Weapons on School Property

According to Nevada Revised Statute section 202.265, it is illegal to possess an explosive or incendiary device while on any property of the Nevada System of Higher Education, when on the property of any private or public school, or when on the property of any public or private child care facility. It is also unlawful for an explosive or incendiary device to be in your vehicle while that vehicle is on the property of a public or private school or child care facility.

The statute also makes it illegal to have any type of weapon on your person or in your vehicle when you are on school grounds or while your car is on school grounds. Prohibited weapons you are not allowed to have on your person or in your car include dirks, daggers, switchblade knives, nunchakus or trefoils, blackjacks, billy clubs, metal knuckles, pistols, revolvers, other firearms, or devices used to mark people with paint or other substances.

If any individual has any of these weapons on his person or in his vehicle while on school grounds, the individual can be charged with a gross misdemeanor offense for violating Nevada Revised Statute section 202.265.

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However, the law also carves out a few limited exceptions. For example, peace officers, school security guards, and individuals with written permission from the Nevada System of Higher Education or from the school principal are allowed to carry and possess an otherwise prohibited weapon.

The law also makes clear that if a person runs a child care facility out of his or her home, that individual may have firearms as long as the person resides in the home and complies with laws related to weapons.

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Being accused of possessing a dangerous weapon in or around a school can have serious consequences. A gross misdemeanor charge is more serious than a misdemeanor charge and you could be sentenced to as long as a year in jail as well as facing fines.

You may have options available to defend yourself against serious charges, so you should give us a call to find out about the assistance that a Vegas defense lawyer can offer. LV Criminal Defense can fight to help you get your case dismissed, to get an acquittal, or to negotiate a favorable plea agreement that reduces the consequences of conviction. To find out more about the personalized help our legal team can provide to you, give us a call today.

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