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Nevada law imposes prohibitions on behaviors connected with weapons when those behaviors are considered to be dangerous. There are a number of laws found within the weapons subcategory of Chapter 202 of Title 15, which is the chapter of the penal code in Nevada that details crimes against public health and safety. One of the laws within this weapons subcategory criminalizes the manufacture, purchase, possession, sale, advertisement, or transportation of a hoax bomb.

If you have been accused of involvement with a hoax bomb, it’s important to understand both the possible consequences that you could face if you are convicted as well as to understand what the prosecutor must prove for you to be convicted. LV Criminal Defense can help you to understand the law so you will know what you are up against as you try to navigate your involvement with the criminal justice system.

The Vegas defense attorneys at our firm know the laws related to weapons offenses in Chapter 202 very well. We can put our extensive legal experience defending clients accused of violating weapons laws to work to help you develop and carry out a legal strategy aimed at reducing or avoiding consequences. Our goal is to assist you in making sure you get the best outcome possible, whether this occurs through fighting for acquittal or through the negotiation of a favorable plea agreement.

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Nevada Revised Statute 202.263: Unlawful Manufacture, Possession, Sale, Advertisement, or Transportation of Hoax Bomb

The statute within Chapter 202 that prohibits involvement with hoax bombs is Nevada Revised Statute section 202.263. According to the relevant law, it is illegal to possess, sell, manufacture, advertise for sale, or transport a hoax bomb. Hoax bombs include inoperative facsimiles or imitations of explosive or incendiary devices, or any devices or objects that appear to be explosives or incendiary devices.

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This behavior is unlawful only if you know, or should know, that the hoax bomb is going to be used in order to make a reasonable person conclude that the hoax bomb is actually a real explosive device or a real incendiary device. In other words, you cannot participate in any way with a hoax bomb intended to make someone believe that the bomb is real.

If you are found to have violated N.R.S. 202.263 through any type of involvement with a hoax bomb, you could be convicted of a gross misdemeanor offense. Gross misdemeanors carry more serious penalties than simple misdemeanor offenses. It is possible you could be imprisoned for up to a year and could be fined if you have been convicted of a crime connected with a hoax bomb.

However, N.R.S. 202.263 does carve out an exception to the general prohibition against hoax bombs. Subsection 3 of N.R.S. 202.263 explains that the law does not prohibit the purchase, possession, sale, transportation or use of military artifacts as long as the artifact is harmless or inert and as long as the artifact is not used to make a reasonable person believe that the artifact is actually an explosive device or is actually an incendiary device.

N.R.S. 202.263 also does not prohibit the authorized manufacture, possession, purchase, sale, transport, or use of any material, substance, or device by members of the U.S. Armed Forces, fire departments, or law enforcement agencies in accordance with their duties.

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