Nevada Lawyer Explains Unlawful Possession of Explosives

Nevada law has determined that certain behaviors rise to the level of criminal conduct because those behaviors are unreasonably risky. Chapter 202 of Title 15 defines different kinds of crimes against public safety and health. Within Chapter 202, there are different subcategories for different kinds of offenses. One of those subcategories is for weapons offenses.

Within the weapons subcategory of Chapter 202, the state establishes limits on when certain types of weapons can be owed and what kinds of weapons can be owned. It also prohibits certain kinds of conduct in connection with dangerous weapons. For example, one of the statutes within the weapons subcategory of section 202 prohibits the unlawful possession, manufacture, or disposition of explosive or incendiary devices.

If you’ve been accused of unlawful conduct in relation to explosive or incendiary devices, you need to be aware of the serious potential penalties that could be imposed upon you as a result of the accusations. You want to be proactive as soon as you come under investigation or are accused of wrongdoing so you can try to avoid conviction and resulting consequences. The best option you have under these circumstances is to reach out to a Vegas criminal defense lawyer for help.

LV Criminal Defense can provide personalized one-on-one advice on responding to charges that you unlawfully possessed, manufactured, or disposed of any explosive or incendiary device. To find out more about the assistance we offer when you’re fighting these charges or responding to any weapons charges under Chapter 202 of Title 16, give us a call today.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 202.260: Unlawful Possession, Manufacture, or Disposition of Explosive or Incendiary Device

The law in Nevada related to the unlawful possession, manufacture, or disposition of incendiary devices is found within Nevada Revised Statute section 202.260. The relevant law stipulates that it is illegal to unlawfully possess, manufacture, or dispose of an explosive or incendiary device with the intent to destroy life or property. For purposes of this statute, dispose of is defined broadly to include giving away the device, loaning it, transferring it, selling it, or otherwise facilitating its transfer into someone else’s hands.

If the prosecutor is able to prove you both possessed an explosive or incendiary device unlawful and that you possessed it with the intent to cause harm to property or life, you can be found guilty of a violation of N.R.S. 202.260. This is a category B felony offense and the punishment for the crime includes a minimum of one-year imprisonment and a maximum of six years imprisonment, along with a fine up to $5,000.

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The statute does make clear, however, that it is permissible to possess an explosive or incendiary device, or any components or substances of such devices if the possession is necessary to perform your duties related to mining, agriculture, construction, or if you possess the device for any other valid occupational purpose.

If you are authorized by a government agency to possess or control explosives or incendiary devices in order to perform your duties, you also should not be convicted of an offense under N.R.S. 202.260.

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Being accused of the unlawful possession, manufacture, or disposition of an explosive or incendiary device can put you at risk of being convicted of a serious crime for which you will serve a minimum of one year in prison. You owe it to yourself to fight for your future by fighting against being convicted of this serious felony offense.

LV Criminal Defense can stand up for your rights and help you to determine the best approach to responding to the allegations against you, whether this involves negotiating a plea agreement or fighting for acquittal. To find out more about how our legal team can help you, give us a call today.

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