Nevada Lawyer Explains Exhibition of Obscene Material to Kids

In the state of Nevada, there are certain criminal acts that have been prohibited within Title 15, the state’s penal code, because those acts go against public decency and against public morality. Chapter 201 is the part of Nevada’s state code that criminalizes offenses because they are against public decency and good morals and there are many types of conduct that have been made unlawful within the statutes that are found in Chapter 201.

The different kinds of offenses that are made illegal in Chapter 201 are divided up into different subcategories of crimes. One of those subcategories relates to the exhibition and the sale of obscene material to minors. The crimes in this subcategory of offenses are taken seriously and defendants can be penalized harshly if they are convicted of exposing underaged individuals to material that is considered inappropriate or obscene.

If you have been accused of an offense related to the exhibition and sale of obscene material to minors, you need to take action to protect yourself from conviction on charges that could curtail your freedom and imperil your future by leaving you with a criminal record. LV Criminal Defense can help you.

Our Vegas defense lawyers have provided representation to defendants who have been accused of many different kinds of criminal behaviors made illegal within Chapter 201 and we understand how cases involving crimes against public decency and public morals are prosecuted. To find out how our firm can put our extensive legal experience with these types of criminal charges to work to help you fight for your future, give us a call today.

Nevada laws on the Exhibition and Sale of Obscene Material to Minors

The subcategory of Chapter 201 that relates to the exhibition and sale of obscene material to minors includes Nevada Revised Statute section 202.256 through Nevada Revised Statute section 201.2655. These statutes explain what types of unlawful acts are prohibited in connection with the sale of obscene material to minors, and set forth exemptions to the general rule.

Many of the statutes within this subsection also define important terms used within the statute. For example, there is an entire statute related just to definitions, and then individual statutes defining the words distribute, harmful to minors, material, motion picture, nudity, sadomasochistic abuse, and sexual excitement. Defining the words used is important so defendants will understand exactly what is prohibited by statute and so it is clear exactly what prosecutors must prove to secure a conviction.

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According to Nevada Revised Statute section 201.265, the unlawful acts in connection with the exhibition and sale of obscene material to minors which are prohibited by statute include many different types of behaviors that result in children gaining access to inappropriate material. Unlawful acts include:

• Distributing to a minor, or causing to be distributed to a minor, any material that is harmful to that minor, unless distributed by a guardian or spouse of the minor.
• Exhibiting material that is harmful to minors in such a manner or location that a minor can access that material, unless you are the parent or the guardian of the minor.
• Selling a minor an admissions ticket or pass, or otherwise admitting a minor in exchange for monetary compensation, to a presentation of material that could be harmful to minors unless the minor is accompanied by his or her parent or guardian.
• Misrepresenting yourself as the parent, guardian, or spouse of a minor for purposes of distributing to the minor material that is harmful to minors or obtaining admission of the minor to a presentation of material that is harmful to minors.
Misrepresenting your age as 18 or older for purposes of obtaining material harmful to minors or obtaining admission to a presentation that is harmful to minors.
• Selling or renting a motion picture containing material harmful to minors on the premises of a business or an establishment that is open to minors unless you create a designated place within the establishment for the sale of the harmful material that prevents minors from viewing the material or from viewing advertisements for the material. The designated section which contains the material harmful to minors must be labeled Adults Only in a prominent and conspicuous location.

Material that is harmful to minors is defined within Nevada Revised Statute section 201.257 to include material that contains representation in any form of nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, sadomasochistic abuse that appeals to the prurient interest, or material that is patently offensive to prevailing standards in the adult community regarding whether it is suitable for minors. The material must be without serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value to fit within the definition of material that is harmful to minors.

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If you are found to have engaged in the exhibition or sale of obscene material to minors as prohibited within Chapter 201, you could be looking at jail time and a permanent criminal record. You need to ensure you are proactive in developing a strategic legal response to accusations against you so you can fight charges and do everything possible to reduce the chances you will be convicted of a crime against public morality and decency.

LV Criminal Defense can provide advocacy and advice to you throughout your involvement with the criminal justice system. We have successfully represented defendants accused of many offenses found within Title 15 of Nevada law and we know the ins-and-outs of how to respond to charges, whether the goal is to get a favorable plea agreement or to earn acquittal after pleading not guilty. To find out more about how our firm can help you after you have been accused of the exhibition and sale of obscene material to minors, give us a call today.

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