Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer Unveils The Rights of the Arrested in Nevada NRS-171.153

Vegas Defense Lawyer Defines Crime of Counterfeit TrademarksWhen you are arrested, you need to get help right away. You need to reach out to a family member or friend who can begin getting bail money together, and you need to contact an attorney who can help you to argue for bail and assist in dealing with law enforcement in the post-arrest process.  Fortunately, Nevada state law ensures you have the ability to get the help you need.  It does this by giving you the legal right to make telephone calls.

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The Right of the Arrested to Make Phone Calls

Nevada Revised Statute 171.153 guarantees the rights of the arrested to make phone calls. Under this law, a defendant who is arrested is entitled to make a “reasonable number” of completed phone calls. These calls may be limited to local telephone calls, unless the individual who is arrested is willing to pay at his or her own expense to make long distance telephone calls.

A “reasonable number” of phone calls is defined as including one completed telephone call to a friend or to a bail agent,  as well as one completed telephone call to an attorney.  Making a call which does not go through is not considered to be a completed telephone call.

The defendant must be permitted to make these telephone calls from the police station or from the location where he was booked immediately after booking unless it is physically impossible for this to occur.  In all cases, the defendant must be given the opportunity to make a phone call within no more than three hours from the time of the arrest.

The Importance of Making Phone Calls After Arrest

Defendants have the legal right, codified by law, to make phone calls because defendants are entitled to due process. Due process protects you from simply being deprived of life, liberty, or property by authorities. You must be given the chance to make a call so you have the opportunity to get out of jail by contacting a friend or bail agent to post your bond. You must also be given a chance to call a lawyer so you have a legal advocate who is on your side and who is looking out for your interests.

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How Can a Las Vegas Defense Attorney Help You?

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