Vegas Defense Lawyers Analyze Arrests By FBI or Secret Service Agents in Nevada NRS 171.1254

In the state of Nevada, there are rules specifying who can be arrested, who can conduct an arrest, and the conduct of law enforcement agents who conduct an arrest.  Defendants whose rights are violated have many options for legal recourse, depending upon the situation. Defendants must know their rights and must explore all possible opportunities to avoid the consequences of an arrest and any resulting criminal charges.

At LV Criminal Defense, our legal team is ready to help you as soon as you have been subject to arrest, or when you are under investigation and fear you may be taken into police custody.  Give us a call as soon as you are concerned about legal problems you face so we can help you throughout every interaction with police, prosecutors, and other officials within the criminal justice system. Our Las Vegas defense attorneys will stand up for your rights and fight for a favorable outcome at every phase of your case.

Rules for Arrest by an FBI Agent or by the Secret Service 

 Secret Service Agents and FBI agents are among the individuals who have the authority to arrest suspected criminals within the state of Nevada. However, agents of these federal agencies may arrest you only under a specific set of circumstances.

Nevada Revised Statutes 171.1245 provide information on when an FBI or Secret Service agent can conduct a lawful arrest. An agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Secret Service can arrest you:

  • For a public offense that is committed in the presence of the agent, or that is attempted in the presence of the agent.
  • If you have committed either a gross misdemeanor or felony offense, even if outside of the presence of the agent at the time of the alleged crime.
  • If there is reasonable cause to believe you have committed a felony or a gross misdemeanor offense.
  • If there is a charge against you alleging you committed a felony or a gross misdemeanor.
  • In situations when a warrant has been issued for your arrest in the state of Nevada and when the FBI or Secret Service Agent has reasonable cause to believe that you are the person with the outstanding warrant.

You may not be arrested by an FBI or Secret Service agent except in these limited circumstances. If you are arrested without a warrant or without probable cause to believe you committed  a felony or a gross misdemeanor, then your civil rights have been violated and you need prompt legal advice.

What Should You Do If You Are Arrested?

If you have been arrested by a Secret Service Agent or an FBI agent, you should remain silent. Decline to answer questions and ask for a lawyer- it is your right. Federal agents often do not become involved in an arrest unless you are facing serious charges, so you need to be very careful about the decisions that you make if you are being arrested.  LV Criminal Defense represents clients facing both federal and state charges and our attorneys can help you to fight against being charged or convicted.

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How Can a Las Vegas Criminal Lawyer Help

At LV Criminal Defense,  our firm is committed to representing clients accused of serious criminal activity. Our goal is to help you negotiate a deal to stay out of jail, or to get charges dropped before your case goes to trial.  We also put together strong defenses for clients to present in trial with the goal of securing a not guilty verdict.

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