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CustodyNevada law takes terrorism, and threats of terrorism, very seriously. In Chapter 202, the part of the penal code in Title 15 that defines crimes against public health and safety, there is an entire subcategory related to terrorism offenses. Within this subcategory, terrorism is defined, elements of different kinds of terrorism offenses are established, and harsh penalties are imposed upon conviction.

One of the types of conduct made illegal within the terrorism section of Chapter 202 is making threats or conveying false information in connection with terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, legal weapons, or other related conduct. Simply making threats can result in life-changing penalties even if no one ever carries through on those threats, so it is important that you understand exactly what the law prohibits and that you take appropriate action to fight if accusations of wrongdoing are made against you.

LV Criminal Defense is here to help. Our experienced legal team has provided representation to defendants accused of all different types of terrorism-related offenses and we can put our extensive knowledge of criminal laws in Chapter 202 to work on your case to help you determine how best to respond to charges. Contact us today to talk with defense attorneys in Las Vegas to find out about the assistance our firm can offer as you fight charges related to terrorism.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 202.448: making Threats or Conveying False Information Related to Acts of Terrorism

The statute within the terrorism subsection of Chapter 202 that relates to making threats or conveying false information concerning acts of terror, weapons of mass destruction, or lethal toxins is found within N.R.S. 202.448. According to the relevant law, it is illegal to make any threat or convey any false information concerning an act of terror. The statute specifies that this conduct is illegal if you use oral, written, or electronic communications to knowingly make a threat or convey false information concerning an act of terrorism.

The statute also specifies that it is unlawful to convey false information concerning the presence, development, production, manufacture, transfer, transport, assemblage, acquisition, retention, testing, storage, possession, dispersion, delivery, discharge, or release of any weapon of mass destruction, biological agent, chemical agent, radioactive agent, or any other lethal agent or toxin.

In order for you to be convicted of conveying threats or false information in violation of N.R.S. 202.448, the prosecutor must prove that you acted with the intent to injure, intimidate or alarm someone or to cause panic or civil unrest. It is irrelevant whether you actually cause injury, intimidation, alarm, panic, or civil unrest. If the prosecutor is successfully able to prove that you intended to cause fear or unrest through your threats or through the conveyance of false information, this is sufficient for a prosecutor to secure a conviction.

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You can also be convicted under N.R.S. 202.448 if you convey false information or make false threats connected with terrorism or dangerous weapons for purposes of extortion or profit, or if you convey false information to interfere with or cause economic damage to a person, officer, agency, board, commission, department, or any division of local, state or federal government. Again, it is irrelevant whether the disruption or damage occurs; your intent is the only thing that matters.

A violation of this law is a Category B felony carrying a penalty of two years imprisonment at a minimum and a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment along with a fine up to $5,000.

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If you are accused of making threats or conveying false information related to acts of terror, weapons of mass destruction, or other toxins or lethal weapons, you can be found guilty of a serious criminal offense. Vegas defense attorneys at LV Criminal Defense can help you to fight conviction, so give us a call today to find out about how we can advocate for you as you navigate the criminal justice system and aim to protect your future.

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