NRS 209.4828 thru 209.4843 – Overview of Victim Restitution Policies in Nevada

When someone commits a crime against a person, the victim can seek restitution for their harms and losses. The rules and regulations governing victim restitution can be found in Nevada Revised Statutes NR 209.4828 thru 209.4843. This includes financial restitution for a victim’s bodily injuries, funeral expenses if a life is lost, and other damages.

Victims are meant to use the funds from the victim restitution in Las Vegas, NV to fix any damage to their property, pay their doctor bills, and replace stolen property.

Does Someone Owe Restitution for Every Crime?

No. If you don’t have a victim, you do not have to pay victim restitution.

What If Someone Does Have Enough Money to Pay the Restitution?

Check with the prison. Each Director may, with the Board’s approval, establish a center for housing prisoners, whether they are still incarcerated and participating in an educational release or work program or are a parolee, so the prisoner might find a job to pay their restitution.

Setting the Amount of Restitution

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To determine how much an inmate must pay in restitution in Las Vegas, NV, the victim must submit copies of their receipts, bills, and repair estimates so the specific harms and losses can be calculated.

What Happens When I’ve Finished Paying My Victim Restitution in Las Vegas, NV?

There are two separate circumstances under which your payments of restitution through the Department will terminate.

  1. Your agreement with the Department of Corrections to make payments toward your victim restitution will terminate when you’re released from prison at the end of your sentence – This does not include being released for parole. When you’re released for parole, the judge may decide to continue your victim restitution payments as a condition of your parole. If it is a condition of your parole and you don’t keep paying your payments, you’ll be violating parole and could be thrown back into prison for the remainder of your term.
  2. The second circumstance upon which your payments of restitution through the Department will terminate is when you’ve finished paying the amount due according to the courts.

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