Indictment Explained by Las Vegas Defense Lawyer

Indictment Forms Explained by Las Vegas Defense LawyerAn indictment is a formal accusation that you have violated the law and committed a criminal act. An indictment is handed down by a grand jury, which is a group of people convened to hear a prosecutor’s evidence and arguments in order to determine whether an accused person should stand trial for a serious crime.

If you are indicted, this means that the grand jury found the prosecutor had provided enough credible evidence of wrongdoing to move forward with a criminal trial in which your guilt or innocence will be determined. An indictment is a major legal development in a criminal case, and your future is at serious risk when you are indicted for an alleged offense. You need to respond aggressively to the indictment and fight for an acquittal or work towards a plea deal to reduce the severity of the charges you are facing.

LV Criminal Defense represents defendants who have been indicted. When you’re facing felony charges or have been accused of any serious offense that could result in jail time and a criminal record, you need an attorney who you can count on to aggressively advocate for you. Our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys have the knowledge and experience to represent clients facing charges for some of the most serious offenses under Nevada law.

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Nevada Laws on Indictment Forms

In the state of Nevada, many statutes within the code of criminal procedure set forth the process by which a prosecutor can secure an indictment. Criminal laws within the state also explain the implications of an indictment, and the evidence necessary for a grand jury to indict.

Among the laws in Nevada related to indictments, there is also an authorized form found in N.R.S. 179.370. Authorized forms are found within a section of the criminal procedure code that contains sample forms to be used in criminal proceedings not only for an indictment, but also for other important legal paperwork like a search warrant or an arrest warrant.

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These authorized forms do not have to be used, since N.R.S. 179.315 indicates that any legal paperwork which contains substantially similar information to the indictment forms can be valid provided the forms offer enough details that the form recipient and court can understand what they are. However, the authorized forms are often used, so you should know what indictment forms look like and what information they typically contain.

N.R.S. 179.370 indicates that an indictment should specify that the state of Nevada is bringing a case against a defendant. The indictment should explain that the grand jury in the relevant county is accusing a defendant of a specific named crime.  The indictment should specify what felony offense the defendant is accused of, or should state the defendant is accused of murder of a named victim.  It should indicate the date on which the alleged murder or other offense was committed, as well as the means by which it was committed (such as whether a gun or other weapon was used).

While an indictment in your criminal case may not have the exact language in the sample form found in N.R.S. 179.370, you can get an idea of how an indictment will look and the kind of information an indictment will provide to you.

Getting Help from a Las Vegas Defense Attorney

A Las Vegas defense attorney at LV Criminal Defense will provide you with invaluable assistance if you are indicted. Our firm knows how to respond when a grand jury indictment has been handed down and we will get right to work on helping you to build a defense or negotiate a plea deal.

You’ll only be indicted if you’re facing accusations of serious wrongdoing and the penalties you could face for conviction are often grave. We will work hard to help you protect yourself by fighting for an acquittal or reduced charges. Give us a call today to find out more.

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