A Vegas Defense Attorney Explains the Form for a Warrant of Arrest

When a warrant is issued for arrest, this means a law enforcement officer has been vested with the legal authority to take you into custody. Being arrested can be a frightening and embarrassing experience and, depending upon the nature of the offense that you are accused of and whether you are both granted bail and are also able to pay it, an arrest could also mean the loss of your freedom until your criminal case is resolved.

Because of the serious consequences of an arrest warrant, it is important that you understand Nevada’s laws on warrants. There are myriad different rules and regulations in the criminal code associated with how warrants work, including rules related to what form a warrant must take.

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Rules for the Form of an Arrest Warrant in Nevada

One of the many rules in Nevada related to arrest warrants is the rule set forth in N.R.S. 179.320. N.R.S. 179.320 is a standard form for the warrant of an arrest. In other words, it is a sample of the language that should be in an arrest warrant.  It is found within a section of suggested forms in Nevada’s criminal code that detail the kinds of language that should be included in various types of legal paperwork that is necessary during criminal proceedings.

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N.R.S. 179.320 provides an example of the kinds of words and phrasing that should be used in an arrest warrant, and this statute indicates that arrest warrants may be “substantially” in the form that is suggested.  The sample language contains formal legal terms stipulating that the state of Nevada has given a sheriff, constable, marshal, police office or peace officer the right to arrest a defendant.

The sample language for the warrant of arrest indicates that the warrant should specify that the defendant has been accused of a specific crime- and the exact crime the defendant has been accused of should be mentioned in the warrant.  The language states that the sheriff or peace officer is “commanded” to arrest the person named in the warrant and to bring that person to a designated place before the magistrate who issued the warrant or before any accessible magistrate located within the county.  The warrant should be signed by a magistrate and dated.

While a warrant for your arrest likely will contain this language, N.R.S. 179.315 makes clear that the use of authorized forms found within this section of the Nevada code is not mandatory. Any paperwork that contains substantially the same information as the suggested form, and that is specific enough to let the defendant know what is going on, can be utilized as an arrest warrant.

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