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Forgery of conveyances, negotiable instruments, stock certificatesThere is nothing more frustrating than facing continued consequences of long-ago involvement with the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, if you were arrested – even if the charges against you were dropped or you were acquitted – you could have a criminal record that shows up in job searches and that shows up in screenings conducted by landlords.  If you were actually convicted, the record of your conviction when a background check is performed could result in you losing out on important opportunities.

You don’t just have to live with the fact that you have a criminal record that affects your future. Nevada law provides for the opportunity to get your records sealed when you have done your time for most offenses or when you have had a case against you dismissed or decided in your favor.

You need to understand the laws on records sealing, determine if you are eligible to have your records sealed, and take appropriate legal action with the help of Las Vegas defense attorneys if you want to make sure your criminal history does not show up when members of the public conduct a background check on you.

LV Criminal Defense can assist with records sealing after conviction, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our legal team and learn how we can help you.

When Can You Get Your Records Sealed?

Having your records sealed means that the information about your alleged criminal acts is not revealed in a background check or made available publicly. It’s not the same as having your record expunged, which occurs when you have the history of the offense actually removed from your record.  It does, however, help you to appear to have a clean record for most background checks- although law enforcement officials can still typically see your past history of offenses.

Nevada Revised Statute section 179.245 provides details on when you can get your records sealed after you have been convicted of a criminal offense.  You must make sure a designated amount of time has passed if you hope to successfully have your records sealed and you should be aware that not every offense is one for which your record can be sealed.

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N.R.S. 179.245 indicates that a person with a conviction for a category A or category B felony could petition to have records sealed after the later of 15 years from the date of release from custody or 15 years from the date of discharge of parole or probation. There are shorter waiting periods for people who committed Class C or D felonies, for individuals who committed category E felonies, and for misdemeanor offenders. However, even those who commit only misdemeanors will need to wait at least two years, or longer if the offense was a gross misdemeanor.

Just because enough time has passed does not necessarily mean that the court will always be willing to seal your record. It is up to you to make convincing arguments about why you should get to keep your public record clear so those who conduct a background check won’t find out you had past criminal justice problems.

A Las Vegas defense attorney can assist with following the process to have records sealed and with trying to convince the court that sealing of your records is an appropriate and fair course of action.

Getting Help from Las Vegas Defense Attorneys

LV Criminal Defense has provided assistance to many defendants in getting records sealed, including in having records sealed after conviction for serious offenses. We will work hard to help you to get the black mark off your record so you will no longer be held back by concerns over your criminal history.

To find out more about the ways in which our Las Vegas defense attorneys can assist you in minimizing the long-term consequences of a crime, or in fighting against criminal charges altogether, give us a call today.

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