Las Vegas Criminal Lawyers Explain Registration Procedure for the Nevada Convicts

The state of Nevada has a chapter within its criminal procedure code – Chapter 179C – which requires certain offenders to register with the state. Those who must register under the rules set forth in Chapter 179C are not registering as a sex offenders, even though the sex offender registry is the state registry that most people are familiar with. However, being required to register at all on the basis of past criminal convictions can be a burdensome intrusion of your privacy that affects your life in many ways.

LV Criminal Defense works hard to help defendants who have been accused of wrongdoing so those defendants can reduce the chances of being convicted of an offense and subject to penalties. When we help you to keep your record clear and avoid a guilty verdict, you do not have to worry about registration as an offender.

We also help if you have already been convicted and registration is required. We can explain your obligations to register so you can avoid further charges and we can help to protect your rights.

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Required Registration of Convicted Persons

N.R.S. 179C is the chapter of the Nevada code that sets for the rules for offenders who must register. N.R.S. 179C.010 indicates that, unless he or she falls within a statutory exceptions, a convicted person who may be required to register in Nevada could include someone who has been found guilty of at least two offenses punished as felonies. A convicted person who must register could also include anyone who was convicted of a Category A felony in Nevada, or anyone convicted anywhere of an offense that would constitute a Category A felony in Nevada.

This means even if you were found guilty of an offense entirely outside of Nevada, if the offense is a serious felony offense or if you have repeated felony offenses, you could be mandated to register with law enforcement in the state. There is a section of Chapter 179C that sets forth the specific requirements and procedures associated with the registration process. This section encompasses N.R.S. 179C.100 through N.R.S. 179C.120.

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N.R.S. 179C.100 details the process under which a person must register with the state. Registering within 48-hours is required, and registration can be completed by submitting a form provided by a law enforcement agency. Information should include details about the nature of the offense that resulted in conviction, the location where the offense took place, and the place where a conviction was entered in connection with the offense. Other information, as needed, can also be provided.

Compliance with registration rules is important because you could face legal consequences if you are unfamiliar with the registration mandates. You must register not only if you live in Nevada, but also if you are in the state for 48-hours or more or if you come into the state on five or more occasions within a 30-day time.

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Las Vegas criminal lawyers at our firm will work closely with you throughout your criminal case to help you get the best outcome possible at every step of your involvement with the justice system. Ideally, you will involve our firm early on in when you are still under investigation so we can help you to reduce the chances of charges being brought against you and so we can help you to reduce the likelihood of a guilty verdict. However, even if you have already been found guilty, we can still help you to address issues connected with registration.

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