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In the state of Nevada, there is a requirement that certain offenders convicted of various types of felony offenses register with local law enforcement. Chapter 179C explains who must register when registration must take place, what information must be provided, and how the information can be used. Every provision of Chapter 179C must be complied with, both by those who are required to register and by those within the criminal justice system who have various obligations associated with the management of registered persons’ information.

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Nevada Laws on Prohibited Acts and Penalties

Nevada Revised Statutes sections 179.100 through 179.120 establish the rules and requirements for the registration process and detail the types of information that must be submitted by a convicted person who needs to register. N.R.S. Sections 179C.160 and 179C.170 explain what happens to the registered information: it must go to Nevada’s Central Repository but it must be kept separate from other criminal records within the repository and it is available for inspection only to law enforcement agencies and other authorized parties.

These rules, together, aim to promote public safety by making certain that convicted persons with felony offenses on their record are registered with the state, while still protecting the rights of convicted persons by limiting the use of the registration information.

Chapter 179C also establishes certain prohibited acts in connection with registration, and details the penalties that can result when prohibited acts are committed. In particular, N.R.S. 179C.200 prohibits misleading information; N.R.S. 179C.210 establishes a continuing duty to furnish statements and N.R.S. 179C sets forth penalties for failure to comply with legal requirements.

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In N.R.S. 19C.200, the state of Nevada makes clear that no convicted person who is required to register should make any false statements or provide any misleading information. Convicted persons must provide their actual, true address and should not give a fictitious address or otherwise provide inaccurate information when registering.

N.R.S. 179C.210 explains that a convicted person who is required to register has a continuing duty to provide the required registration information to the police. This means that for each day that a convicted person is required to register but fails to do so, a separate offense has been committed.

Finally, N.R.S. 179C.220 explains the penalty not just for these particular prohibited acts, but also for any violation of any of the requirements and mandates found in N.R.S. 179C.220. Those who fail to fulfill any of their obligations in Chapter 179C, and those who make misleading statements, will all be at risk of being charged with a misdemeanor offense.

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