Vegas Lawyer Explains Crimes Concerning Public Health

Crimes Concerning Public HealthIn the state of Nevada, it is unlawful to engage in behaviors that put the public at risk. There are different kinds of criminal conduct identified within Chapter 202 of Title 15. The conduct within this chapter includes behaviors prohibited because they are considered to be crimes against public health and safety.

Within Chapter 202, different kinds of offenses against public safety and health are divided up into different subcategories. For example, there’s a category for alcohol-related offenses and a category for weapons. There is also a subcategory for miscellaneous crimes against public health. Within this category, the state has criminalized a variety of behaviors they consider to present a risk to the public but which do not have any shared criteria other than the fact they present this basic safety risk.

If you have been accused of committing a miscellaneous crime against public health, as defined within the subsection of Chapter 202 dealing with miscellaneous offenses, you could face serious charges. The penalties faced will vary depending specifically on which miscellaneous crime you allegedly committed. It’s important to fully understand the possible penalties that could be imposed upon you for the violation as well as the defense options you have available to you to try to fight the charges.

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Nevada Laws on Crimes Concerning Public Health

Within the subsection of Chapter 202 that details miscellaneous crimes concerning public health, the behaviors made illegal include:

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• Willfully poisoning any food, water, or medicine, or willfully adulterating any food, water, or medicine (N.R.S. 202.170).
• Depositing unwholesome substances on or near a route of public travel (N.R.S. 202.180).
• Carrying on business that is dangerous to public health on a route of public travel or near such a route (N.R.S. 202.180).
• Depositing the dead body of an animal (N.R.S. 202.180).
• Burning stolen metallic wire (N.R.S. 202.180).
• Unlawfully depositing dirt, garbage, rubbish, or a dead animal onto a public highway (N.R.S. 202.185).
• Advertising any goods or services that produce a miscarriage of a fetus (N.R.S. 202.200).
• Publishing any advertisements that contain prohibited content (N.R.S. 202.210).
• Circulating any publications that contain prohibited content (N.R.S. 202.220).
• Advertising treatment for sexual disorders, advertising cures for sexual disorders, or advertising the prevention of sexual disorders (N.R.S. 202.240).
• Operating a show-fitting device or machine that makes use of X-rays or radiation (N.R.S. 202.245).
• Dispensing prescription glasses if not authorized to do so (N.R.S. 202.246).
• Using or selling liquid silicone (N.R.S. 202.248).

Each of these different statutes defines the particular offense that has been made unlawful. For example, under N.R.S. 202.170, the offense of willfully poisoning or adulterating food, water, or medicine is defined to include mixing poison or other harmful substances into food, drink, or medicine that is intended to be used by a human being or that is prepared for a human being to use. This includes mixing glass and razor blades into substances intended for consumption or use by a human being, but is not limited only to these substances. The statute also prohibits mixing poison or other harmful substances into springs, wells, or reservoirs of water.

A prosecutor must prove each of the elements of the crime that is outlined in the statute in order for the defendant to be convicted of committing that particular offense. For example, if a defendant is to be convicted of willfully poisoning food or adulterating food, medicine or water under N.R.S. 202.170, the prosecutor must prove willfulness, which means showing the defendant intentionally mixed the dangerous substance and did not do so accidentally.

The statutes that establish miscellaneous crimes against public health also detail the specific penalties that a defendant could be faced with if convicted of a crime under the relevant law. For example, according to N.R.S. 202.170, a defendant who is found guilty of willfully poisoning food or a water supply can be charged with a Category B felony and can be punished with a minimum of two years imprisonment and a maximum prison term of 15 years. In addition, the statute also specifies that a convicted defendant can be fined up to $10,000.

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