Nevada Defense Lawyer Explains Laws on Concealed Firearms

Lawyer Explains LawsThe Second Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms, but both states and the federal government have imposed certain restrictions on weapons in the interest of public safety. Among the restrictions are rules regarding when a person is permitted to carry concealed firearms.

The rules related to concealed firearms in the state of Nevada are found within Chapter 202 of Title 15. Chapter 202 is the part of Nevada’s code that identifies offenses against public health and safety. There are subcategories in Chapter 202, including a category related to weapons offenses and a category related to concealed firearms.

The laws of Nevada found in Chapter 202 set forth the process that someone must go through in order to legally carry concealed weapons. If an individual is found to be carrying a weapon without a permit or authorization, this conduct could potentially be considered criminal and the individual with an unpermitted concealed weapon could face harsh consequences.

Weapons offenses, including those connected with the unlawful carrying of concealed firearms, can be considered very serious crimes and if you are convicted of an offense, it is possible that you should be imprisoned and left with a felony conviction that affects your Second Amendment rights going forward.

You want to do everything possible to fight for your freedom, reputation, and continued constitutional right to bear arms. This means you should get legal help from a Vegas criminal lawyer as soon as you have been accused of wrongdoing or when you are charged with a crime in connection with weapons. LV Criminal Defense has provided representation to many defendants facing charges in connection with weapons offenses and we can put our legal knowledge of these cases to work to help you fight accusations of wrongdoing. Just give us a call to find out about the ways in which our firm can help you.

Nevada Laws on Concealed Firearms

The subsection of Chapter 202 that deals with concealed firearms includes Nevada Revised Statute 202.3653 through Nevada Revised Statute 202.369.

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The first statute within this subsection contains definitions that apply whenever the defined terms are used throughout the remainder of the laws. For example, according to N.R.S. 202.3653, a concealed firearm is defined to include any loaded pistol, any unloaded pistol, any loaded or unloaded revolver, or any other firearm that an individual carries in such a way as not to be immediately discernible by ordinary observation. This means any time anyone carries any firearm on him that cannot be easily seen, he could be classified as carrying a concealed firearm.

N.R.S. 202.3653 also defines a permit to include a permit to carry a concealed firearm that is issued in accordance with the laws in the concealed firearms subsection of Chapter 202. The terms Department, revolver, an semiautomatic firearm are defined within the statute as well.

Other statutes within the Concealed Firearms subsection address a wide variety of different issues related to concealed firearms including:

The process of applying for a permit, the circumstances under which a permit can be granted, and the circumstances under which a permit should be denied or under which a permit should be revoked.
• The process of applying for a permit as a retired law enforcement officer.
• The rules and requirements for how permit applicants must be investigated before a permit is issued.
• The requirements related to the confidentiality of information on permit applications that are provided, and requirements related to confidentiality of information about people with permits to carry concealed weapons.
• The process for judicial review in circumstances where an application for a concealed carry permit is denied.
• The obligations of a sheriff after the sheriff has been informed that an applicant for a concealed carry permit or a concealed carry permit holder has been convicted of a criminal offense involving the use of force or violence or involving the threatened use of force or violence.
• The requirement that individuals with a concealed carry permit have both the permit and their identification with them in circumstances when they are carrying a concealed weapon.
• The rules for the circumstances under which a person with a permit is allowed to carry a concealed weapon, and the penalties for violations of the rules connected with carrying a concealed weapon.
• Information on applications for permit renewal, including requirements regarding the demonstration of continued competence.
• Information on the fees to be assessed in connection with permitting and a requirement that fees are deposited with the county treasurer.
• Rules regarding temporary permits.
• Regulations setting forth the circumstances under which an individual who has been issued a permit by another state is permitted to carry a concealed firearm within the state of Nevada and a requirement that a document be created that contains a list of states that meet certain requirements regarding the issuance of concealed carry permits.

Vegas defense attorneys can provide insight into how each of these rules impact your ability to carry concealed weapons and can help you to respond to accusations of wrongdoing in connection with concealed firearms.

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