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Nevada law limits the circumstances under which a person is permitted to carry a concealed firearm and makes certain conduct with concealed firearms unlawful. The rules for concealed firearms can be found in a subcategory related to concealed weapons in Chapter 202 of Title 15. Chapter 202 is the part of Nevada law dealing with offenses against public safety and health.

Among the different rules related to concealed firearms are regulations that indicate when and how a permit can be applied for, who is eligible for a permit, and what happens when a permit is denied or is revoked.

If you need assistance understanding how to obtain a permit or if you have been charged with a crime in connection with concealed firearms, LV Criminal Defense can provide the help and support you need.

Our firm is very familiar with the rules and regulations in Chapter 202 and our Vegas defense lawyers have provided representation to many defendants accused of weapons offenses in violation of Nevada law. We can help you to fight accusations against you with the goal of protecting your future, so give us a call as soon as you’ve been charged.

Nevada Revised Statute section 202.3657: Application for a Permit

The statute within the concealed firearms subcategory of Chapter 202 that relates to applying for a permit is Nevada Revised Statute section 202.3657. According to the relevant law, any person who is a resident of the state of Nevada can apply to the sheriff in the county where he lives to request a permit to conceal carry a weapon. Those who are not residents of Nevada can apply for a permit from a sheriff from any county within the state but must use a special form. Sheriffs for each county are required to provide application forms upon request.

N.R.S. 202.3657 mandates that sheriffs shall issue permits for revolvers and/or for one or more semiautomatic firearms, except as provided in the statute. Permits shall be issued for all individuals who are qualified to possess firearms.

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Requirements for obtaining a permit are listed within N.R.S. 202.3657. A permit can be obtained by a person is at least 21 years of age, who is not prohibited by N.R.S. 202.360 from possessing a firearm, and who demonstrates competence with revolvers or with the features of the semiautomatic firearm that the individual is applying for a permit for. To prove competence, the applicant must provide certification or documentation along with the application that shows successful completion of a firearm safety course that includes instruction in the use of the type of weapon that the application relates to.

The sheriff must deny a request for a concealed carry permit if the applicant has an outstanding warrant out for his or her arrest, has been judicially declared insane or incompetent, has been voluntarily or involuntarily admitted to a mental hospital in the preceding five years, or has habitually used intoxicating liquor or other substances to the point of impairment. Habitual use of intoxicating substances can be determined by a history of violations of certain Nevada laws, or commitment for treatment pursuant to Nevada law.

Sheriffs also must deny a permit to anyone who has been convicted of a felony offense; offenses involving the use or threatened use of force; or convicted of domestic violence or stalking crimes. Individuals on probation or who are the subject of a restraining order also cannot be granted a concealed weapons permit.

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A Vegas criminal defense attorney can provide guidance on what happens if a permit is denied and on the consequences of carrying a concealed weapon with no permit. To find out more about how LV Criminal Defense can help you with legal issues you face in connection with concealed weapons, give us a call today.

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